Mary Hric 1923 – 2007

My husband’s grandmother passed away this morning. She finally succumbed to the massive stroke that she had suffered from a few weeks ago. While normally I try to be light hearted on this blog, I do feel obligated to note the passing of those who are dear to me in some way and who I feel leave the gardening world a little less by their passing. Grandma Mary was certainly one of those people.

Literally half my current garden comes from the bittersweet kindness of Grandma Mary. When she became too ill to care for her own garden, she offered to let me have whatever I would like from the yard. I carefully dug up plants and moved them to my own garden. Miniature irises, daylilies, peonies, a beautiful dinner plate hibiscus and a great many other plants came to my yard to live on. She was sad that she could not care for them, but glad that another gardener would be able to enjoy them.

Grandma Mary’s garden was the stuff of horticultural legends, so I am told. A cottage garden of cottage gardens, to hear my husband tell of it. Whatever she saw that took her fancy, she found a home in her garden for it. No rhyme or reason to their placement, just a cacophony of beautiful things to look at. Everything flourished under her hands.

My husband has often spoken of the fact that he thinks that I am a lot like his Grandma Mary, which honors me greatly. He speaks fondly of her vigor for life and how she was a strong woman. Frailty of the heart was something that took her body and beloved plants away from her, so I think that she is happy in the peace that she has now found.

Somewhere up in heaven, there is an empty plot of land that is rich in good dark soil that only wanted its owner to finally arrive and tend to it. She has arrived and I bet if we could see her now, she would be planting her very first flower in her new beds with hands that are once again strong.

I know that sometimes my husband’s Uncle John stops by to read this blog, so if you are out there Uncle John… I am so sorry for your loss. She was a wonderful woman.

17 thoughts on “Mary Hric 1923 – 2007
  1. It’s wonderful to be able to look at your garden and remember where the plants were from or who they remind you of. I’m sorry to hear about Mary’s passing.

    –Robin (Bumblebee)


  2. John Hric on

    Amen Hanna.

    Heaven’s gain. Mom and grandma Helen are planning a few more beds with room for any pretty bloom that comes along.


  3. I am so sorry for your loss. My husbands grandma just passed away the same way. Her funeral was last Tuesday. Hugs.


  4. As I feel your loss, I also rejoice in your remembrances. My green thumb comes from my grandfather, after whom I am named, through my mom. During the Depression people took walks, as they could not do much else, and my grandfather’s garden was a popular destination. Luckily my mom passed this to me. She now lives in Maine, we will be there for Thanksgiving. I have some Hens-And-Chicks from her garden. I tried to pass gardening to mt only son to no avail. Oh well, there is always our grandson who lives with us. Don’t mourn your loss, be with her each time you garden and rejoice in her life.


  5. janalee on

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Seeing her plants in your garden may be bittersweet now, but I imagine you’ll treasure all the memories they elicit.


  6. I’m very sorry for your loss.
    Fortunately we do not have to be light hearted all the time, and it is touching that you share memories of her passion for gardening here on your blog where your passion for gardening lives as well.


  7. Hanna, I’m sorry for your family’s loss. This is a lovely and moving tribute you’ve written to Mary. I’m glad she enriched so many lives as she did.


  8. I’m so sorry Hanna. Grandma Mary’s was a life well-lived and she lives on in your hearts and in your garden, Hanna.


  9. Thank you all for your kind words. Grandma Mary would appreciate them. I know I apprciate them very much.


  10. I’m sorry for your loss. How wonderful that you were able to provide a new home for some of your Grandma Mary’s plants. I’m sure she felt that in your care that a part of what she tended and loved would continue on in the world after she was gone.


  11. What a lovely way to remember a gardener who has passed on to the next life! I’ll bet she is happy and busy there.


  12. John Hric on


    Grandma Mary would love that you enjoy the garden and she would be very touched by what you have said. I know I am. I meant to say it earlier and want to say it now. Thank you very much. Sorry I did not get a chance to talk more tonight.


  13. Hanna, this was so lovely. She sounds like a woman after my own heart. I am sure you are right about what she is up to now.


  14. Kristin Hric on

    I’m sure Grandma Mary is pleased you too have taken so much joy from her garden. I just planted some grape hyacinths before it snowed. I always remember picking these tiny little purple flowers from her beds when I was young, and I know they will surely remind me of her when they bloom next spring.

    Thank you! It was a lovely tribute.


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