Garden & Gun – Ride For World Health Giveaway Winner

Thanks again to everyone who donated to Tammy’s cross country ride with Ride for World Health. We chose a winner at random and the winner was SarahKeith of Tallahassee, FL.

SarahKeith is actually familiar with the magazine and said that she enjoyed looking at it in the past when she could find it. She says “it has really gorgeous photography and some (surprisingly?) intelligent/informative articles”.

Thanks also to Sharon Bruner from Garden & Gun Magazine for donating a year’s subscription and some super cool swag to go along with it.

This giveaway was so successful, that I have had another company volunteer to donate a garden item for a giveaway. I will have all the details for you tomorrow. And how you can register to be entered for that giveaway.

Also, if any of you are still interested in donating to Tammy’s ride, I encourage you to do so. As I have said, it is a great cause (and tax deduction).

3 thoughts on “Garden & Gun – Ride For World Health Giveaway Winner
  1. I’m jostled/ weirdly intrigued when I read that brilliant title, “Garden and Gun”. So I clicked on the link: photography- gorgeous; food coverage- excellent; resource conservation- check; traditional crafts- double check; but then I see there are Nascar stories and I throw up in my mouth just a little bit. Nascar is so vastly more disturbing than game hunting.


  2. Hey, this is Lisa from Garden & Gun. Thanks to Ride for World Health and congratulations to Sarah Keith of Tallahassee! We hope you enjoy your new subscription.

    Experience more of 21st Century Southern America at


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