Composter Giveaway Winner Announcement

Wow! What can I say… There were over 5,000 entries for the composter giveaway and I think that I had a record number of comments on that post.

The Composter Giveaway is now closed and a winner has been selected. Robert Fantom from New York is the proud winner of the Urban Compost Bin Tumbler. He had this to say:

I have been telling my 5 year old daughter the benefits composting and promised her that we would build a composting pile this spring. This will make it so much easier, and she’ll be able to maintain the compost pile with just a little help from us.

See, educating your kids on the benefits of composting and making effective use of child labor. I am convinced that this is the secret to successful gardening. Congratulations to Robert and thanks to everyone who entered.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled day.

4 thoughts on “Composter Giveaway Winner Announcement
  1. Oh boo hoo, now I’ll have to stick with my home made trash can composter. Congrats Robert!


  2. Teri Meairs on

    Wow, what an excellent addition this would be to my new ‘Green’ lifestyle! Congrats Robert!


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