Q & A with Noel Kingsbury

Yesterday, I reviewed the book “Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls”. After I read the book, I had the delightful opportunity to ask one of the authors or the book, Noel Kingsbury, a few questions. I skipped over the availability Read more ›

Feral Strawberries

My feral strawberries are heavy with ripe berries right now. I call them feral because they are not the true wild strawberries you find demurely tucked into the base of trees in the woods. There were domesticated strawberries at one Read more ›

They are gone…

I cleaned out the old gardening blogroll today. It must be done once in awhile to remove the abandoned blogs. I always find it a bit sad when I do it. While I understand that lives and living them sometimes Read more ›

The Girl Who Cried Wolf Spider

I am a highly superstitious person. I always throw salt over my shoulder when I spill it. I always make wishes on white horses, when I go under train tracks and when I see hay wagons. But there is one thing I Read more ›