They are gone…

I cleaned out the old gardening blogroll today. It must be done once in awhile to remove the abandoned blogs. I always find it a bit sad when I do it. While I understand that lives and living them sometimes interfere with recording them, I nevertheless feel a certain amount of regret that the voices of one more person are no longer recorded and that shortly, their words will be gone forever (because I am assuming that either they will stop paying their hosting bill or Blogger will delete the blog for inactivity).   There were almost 30 gone this time.   Some were blogs that I had enjoyed quite a bit. It is almost like an internet induced death.

But, while there is loss, there is also growth. I get requests almost every day for people to get added to my blogroll and the Garden Blog Search. I would encourage anyone who has a gardening blog (even a semi-gardening blog) to let me know about it. I would love to add it to my blogroll and to the Search. No blog is too small or too new! We all have a garden that we should be sharing!

12 thoughts on “They are gone…
  1. Hi,

    I’m not going to comment on this post, but since it’s the last post I’ll take the opportunity to say that I found the what flower I am quiz somewhat funny.
    But I’d like to make a point on something : when one is asked what transport one uses, where is the public transport, namely where is the bus and the subway ?
    And…heck ! peanut butter in an ice cream ?
    I prefer cookies and cream.
    Ah ! My result was a sunflower.

    Kind regards,



  2. I just started my blog as a way to keep track of things I plant and what things look like etc. Check it out at I always enjoy reading your blog since your local (I live southeast of Canton).


  3. jen on

    I stopped blogging for two reasons.

    1. I had a baby. A toddler and a newbie don’t make blogging easy.

    2. I’m a crap writer. I read other blogs and am so impressed with the writing styles. When I read my own it seems awkward and forced so I stopped.

    Love yours though!


  4. I have some blogs on my roll that are orphaned as well. Some of them are there for sentimental reasons, others are there because I know the writers and hope they’ll be moved to blog again. Others disappear suddenly and you’re left wondering…”What happened?”

    oh well

    Blogging for 3 years now, in Houston Texas:


  5. Thanks for your blogroll! It’s been fun to visit sites linked off of yours.

    It’s a bit of work to do the updating and the occasional purging as well. Thanks for keeping your list up to date!


  6. gus on

    People who do not write do not know how much work is involved. I have always felt I could make a living from writing, if I were not so lazy. Please keep this , i really enjoy reading it.


  7. Hi there, you have a wonderful sense of humor and I love reading you blog! I hope you don’t mind, I have added you to my blog roll and I would be honored if you would do the same.


  8. I’ve been having some blogger issues so hopefully this isn’t a repeat but I’ve added you to my own blog roll. I need all the lessons I can get on gardening right now. =)


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