Enter the “Where in the World is Hanna Vacationing?” Giveaway – Win a Snow Thrower

Well, the frost has killed everything and I am ready to crawl into a hole and cry. I had the misfortune of falling in love with a man who loves the cold and enjoys skiing. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good man in all other ways, but this incomprehensible love of fluffy white precipitation is far beyond me. I suppose the fact that he loves snow is just proof that there is no such thing as a perfect man. *sigh*

But, since I was ready to crawl into my hole and hibernate for the winter, I thought that all of you out there might be equally depressed. And when you are depressed due to climatic changes, there is only two things that will cure it. 1 — Vacations to exotic and WARM locations. 2 – Winning a fabulously expensive prize.

For about 2 seconds I thought about making a trip to an exotic and warm location a fabulously expensive prize for one of you lucky readers. Then a small snowflake fell and I realized that this was a fundamentally stupid idea. I love you all, but if anyone is going to go somewhere exotic and WARM, it is going to be me.

Storm 2840 Snow ThrowerFortunately, my friends at Troy-Bilt offered me a snow thrower at about the same time. I personally don’t need a snow thrower. I had the foresight to give birth to several healthy sons in order to have a good snow clearing system for many years to come. But I bet one of you out there who is experiencing or about to experience snow (and depressed about it) would love to have a brand new Storm 2840 Snow Thrower.

Therefore, I will be giving away the snow thrower to one of you… As long as you can guess “Where in the World is Hanna Vacationing?” It’s more fun when a game is involved.

I am leaving on my trip on November 1st. From now until I leave, I will post one clue a day. You can enter the contest and post your guess on this page: Snow Thrower Giveaway Form.

You can enter as many times as you would like and the winner will be chosen as soon as I am able to make it to an internet connection after I get to my vacation spot, which I am guessing will be November 2nd or 3rd.

Here is your first “Where in the World is Hanna Vacationing?” clue:
It is a country in Central America.

Good luck to all of you and enter often with your best guess. Remember, it won’t hurt to guess if you don’t know and you certainly can’t win this fabulously expensive prize if you don’t try.

For those of you who don’t win, Troy-Bilt is offering Free Shipping on all snow throwers through December 15th. A pretty good deal if you have been looking at buying one of these machines (which I suppose is cheaper in the long run than giving birth to children for the sole purpose of shoveling snow).

5 thoughts on “Enter the “Where in the World is Hanna Vacationing?” Giveaway – Win a Snow Thrower
  1. Belize.

    I’d love to go somewhere tropical but I’d never be able to convince myself to spend the money for a vacation. maybe after the roof is replaced, and the siding, oh and the kitchen…


  2. Costa Rica – there are so many awesome things to do there! I wish you a great, relaxing, warm vacation, and of course, safe travel.


  3. Não tenho um jardim, mas amo este assunto. Sim, já sei que vc não entende potuguês e nem eu ingles. Por favor, cloque um tadutor na sua página. Na minha tem. Que é pra gente se entender. Adorei ver meu link na sua página. Apareça por lá.
    Até mais!


  4. Renata on

    Just translating for Anny,

    I don’t have a garden, but I love this subject. Yes, I already know you done understand Portuguese neither do I understand English. Please, put a translator on your site. There is one on mine. This is so we can understand. I loved seeing my link on your site. Stop by sometime.
    Until next time,


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