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Tis the season for mental garden preparation. There is snow on the ground and ice on the roof, but right now, the heart of a dedicated gardener is singing the song of spring. And good marketers know that we are doing this. This can be evidenced by now daily piles of mail that are being dumped outside my door. I think this is my mailman’s subtle hint that due to current catalog volume, I need to add myself to a national do-not-mail list.

This is also the time of year that I get inundated with review requests. I actually have to turn some down these days, lest all you read is reviews of product. Helpful as that might be ( and as much as I like free stuff), it would probably get a little old a lot fast.

But when Burt’s Bees asked if they could send me some product to take a look at… Well, there is free and then there is good free. Burt’s Bees qualifies as damn good free.

So, a few days later, among the pile of seed catalogs, a rather non-descript box was also dumped. And it was filled with all sorts of fun little goodies.

About half of the products I cannot make a solid commentary on, beyond to say they smell absolutely fabulous.

But the other half of the products I can comment on, so here is the quick, fast run down.

Burt’s Bees Muscle Mend — I started a class at the gym called Boot Camp. Enough said. Love this product.

Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve — Winter does a number on my skin. Like, I could be a stand in on The Mummy sort of dry skin. This has done a great job dealing with that.

Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment — Not sure what to say on this one. Used it on a burn, but whether it helped or not is hard to say. Still smelled really nice.

Burt’s Bees Garden Gloves — I don’t usually use garden gloves. Way too fussy for my taste. But, I do normally keep a pair around because sometimes there just is that really nasty weed that refuses to budge and has spikes from hell. These seem very nice for that. Tough rubberized palms with a light knit back. Not too heavy but tough enough for what I need.

And then, as the bestest thing that came in that box….

They sent me Burt’s hat. Well, maybe not Burt’s own hat (I imagine a real gardener’s hat is a little bit yucky), but that kind of hat that he wears in the pictures, they sent me that hat. It will be a stylin’ summer in the convertible wearing that hat. Gardeners driving past will bow down to my keen sense of style.

But until the weather gets warm enough to enjoy my garden or my convertible, all I am left with is spending hours unscrewing the caps on these Burt’s Bees products and inhaling deeply.

16 thoughts on “Burt’s Bees – Damn Good Stuff
  1. Hi Hanna,
    When I worked outdoors I used Burt’s hand salve constantly. I’ve been indoors for 4 years now and I still have half a can. My favorite however is the peppermint lip balm, it heals as it sooths. Last Thanksgiving, while at my mom’s in Maine I got my girl friend some honey lip balm. She loves it. All Burt’s products are great. However, I hope to become a world famous blogger, as are you, so I can get a free hat as well. I have turned enough people on to Burt’s products to qualify, however, no one told Burt!


  2. I have finished a rough bout of chemo(HOORAY), and in has been merciless on my skin all over. Burts is always on my bedtable, and my kids look forward to their lip balms and other small items at Burts. It seems to last forever!


  3. I am a huge fan of Burt’s Bees Poison Ivy Soap. I’ve tried all the creams and medications but nothing works as well as the Burt’s Bees Soap.

    Now I’m anxious to try these other products too. No fair, people always send you the good stuff.


  4. I haven’t tried Bert’s Bees products. I’ll have to do that, now that I know someone actually has tried them – and things them worthwhile.

    I had to chuckle about the mail dumped on the porch. We’re inundated with catalogues galore…but oh, do we love them. Wouldn’t ask them to not send, if my life depended on it.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I love Burt’s Bees Res-Q-Ointment. It’s my favorite Burt’s Bees product. I also like their lip balms and hand salve.

    We’re also getting cataloges in abundance. You can request off the the lists at CatalogChoice.org if you’d like. I’m all for saving trees and the back of the mailmen.


  6. I am so ready for spring at this time of year. To see spring photos, search spring on my etsy site. I am the kind of gardener who just loves seeing things bloom. It’s a very hard time of year for me. I can’t plan and dream of the future garden, only look back an long for the snow to Go!


  7. Jackie H on

    Hi! I stumbled across your site sometime last year and visit every week or so… I’m a couple hours east across the PA border, so I can relate to your weather patterns and gardening time frame.
    Anyhoo, I LOVE Burt’s Bees products! I have a whole basket of different items I use daily, I take 2 BP medications that dry my skin out terribly, and this line of products is a life(skin)saver. I don’t have that hat though. I am seriously jealous! :o)
    Can’t wait to start gardening… bought some seeds and starter trays yesterday, I am sooo ready for our winter to be gone!


  8. Hi…probably of no interest to you, but as I was reading your blog, I heard cranes flying in over the house… grabbed my camera with the idea of making a video to upload straight away… and blast, the batteries were flat! sh…t!!! Cranes fly back from somewhere in Africa, up along the Atlantic coast, and swirve in at my latitude, just south of La Rochelle. They arrive late in the day and overnight in a field around here. They are on their way to Sweden to nest. MAN, THIS IS THE OFFICIAL END OF WINTER FOR ME!!! even though it is still freezing cold!


  9. What a coincedence! This morning I woke up and heard a bird chirrping outside my window and thought the same thing as you. WINTER IS ENDING! Snow is still here, but winter is really, really ending. 🙂


  10. I recently threw out loads of cosmetics and made the switch to using only organic/toxin free products. Since I have loved my Burt’s Bees chapstick for years I decided to try out some of their other products to replace things I had gotten rid of. I think the quality of Burt’s Bees is fabulous and the smell is great…until you’re using 4 different products as part of your grooming routine and you start to smell like the perfume section of a department store. Sometimes the scents are just too strong. This is my only problem with Burt’s Bees. My favorite product: Garden Tomato toner. My skin always feels great after I use this and it’s my favorite scent of theirs…not too strong and reminds me of gardening.


  11. I remember using Burt’s Bees in the late 1980’s in New England, where they started. I used to use Bag Balm for everything, now I switched to Burt’s Bees for everything under the sun.


  12. Amen to what Gus said– that peppermint lip balm is amazing. I love the lemon cuticle cream– I keep it next to my keyboard at work. Burts also makes a great little gift bag that I usually give to secret santas or secretaries for the holidays. Love their stuff!


  13. Take it for what it’s worth–Burt’s Bees is now owned by Clorox Corp.
    I probably took this buy out a little too personally, but I’m just waiting for all sorts of unnatural icky things to eek into their ingredients. (anyone else notice how they’ve already upped all the unnecessary packaging?)


  14. Susan on

    Well, I dont know what ingredients Burt’s Bees used to have, but I bet they were pretty good and safe. I have found a non-profit group that has set up a HUGE database of products and their ingredients and rates them from 0-10. some of BBees are still good, but would check on ALL the products you use. It’s pretty scary, there is not regulation on the cosmetics industry and they can put cancer causing agents in our body creams. YUK. check out skindeep.com. I am not affiliated with this organization, but I’m going to make a donation when I feel flush enough.


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