Home Depot $100 Giveaway Voting

I have once again been a bad, bad blogger. No posts for 3 weeks! I should be ashamed. I will go right now and flog myself extensively with a wet noodle for my blogging transgressions.

But, I promise that I have good reason and that I will reveal to you what that reason is in just a few weeks. I am very excited about it but I need a few more weeks to get everything in place.

In the meantime, we need to give away this $100 Home Depot Gift Card. Thank you to all who entered. I wish I could give you all gift cards for your projects and I hope that another way to complete your projects find you. I got 100s of great entries and I was simply unable to choose the best 3, there were so many. Instead, I had my kids randomly select 3 from all the entries and you the reader will help choose the Grand Prize winner.

To tell the truth, even with the random selection, these are all good projects. Our 3 finalists are:

#1 – Jackie – A Bog Garden of My Own.

#2 – C.N – Raised Beds For Garden Recovery

#3 – Laurel – Home for Baby Chicken Little

Read their projects and vote for the one you like the best. Voting will close 7/13 and the winner will be announced then.

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