Home Depot Entry #2 – Raised Beds For Garden Recovery

Entrant’s name: C.N.

C.N.’s Project:
I would like to complete two raised beds. Three and one half years ago my back was broken by a disturbed patient at my job. The pain became unbearable, so last year I finally succumbed and went through three major surgeries to repair it. It eased the constant pain tremendously. Last summer, realizing surgery was looming and I would be unable to garden, I created a vegetable garden in five gallon cat litter buckets collected from friends, and was able to sit down and garden. It helped, and was actually fun! It wasn’t my 1600 sq. ft. garden, but it did help keep my hands dirty!

So, after five months of PT, I was able to return to work. It felt great, and was looking forward to–finally–being able to garden “normally” this year, to complete all those garden projects that had been building up, both real and wishful.

Then it happened. Someone at work thoughtlessly let go of the stretcher I was holding on a ramp… causing the still healing bones in my back to refracture. My first thought was for my garden, not my back, and all those seedlings sitting outside, waiting.

Here we go again. So, I have since resigned to the conclusion this will be my Murphy’s Law sticking point in life. Accept it, move on. Anyway, whoever said Murphy was too big to tiptoe around? Raised beds might help me keep the love of my life, instilled by my beloved grandfather who never let possibilities get stuck by ole’ Murphy. Thanks for your site. Rascals are essential to life, Grandpa always said, and he was never wrong.

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