Home Depot Entry #3 – Home for Baby Chicken Little

Entrant’s Name: Laurel

Laurel’s Project:
If I am the lucky winner of the $100 Home Depot card I will build a chicken coop. I had chickens at our last home and my first successful garden. I miss them at my new home. Chickens are a wonderful addition to any garden. They eagerly eat any weeds pulled for them, which makes weeding less of a chore, because someone appreciates it. The biggest benefit next to the eggs is the manure for the compost bin. After many failed gardens in my dessert clay the chicken’s compost gave me my first successful garden. I discovered what a joy gardening can be.

My daughter found a day old chick the last day of school wandering around the high school parking lot. We need to either build a coop or find a good home. My vote is the coop and a few more chicks.

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