Friend With A Tiller: Troy Bilt Super Bronco CRT Garden Tiller

I have learned an important thing about tillers recently. That, in terms of number of friends you have (like the flesh kind, not the electronic kind), they have a similar effect as to pickup trucks. When people find out you have one, suddenly, they discover an overwhelming need to call you up and see how your life is going, and it just so happens to be that they have a garden they need tilled (or a house full of possessions they need transported, in the case of trucks).

This year, I was asked to review the Troy Bilt Super Bronco CRT Garden Tiller. And I will be honest, I did not use it myself.   I was afraid of it.   The thing is a beast, and in tough soil, I was fairly certain that I was going to lose control of it and take out a fence, a shrub and important pieces of my anatomy.

So, for the safety of myself and those around me, I let my husband use it and I will report his findings securely from  behind a computer screen.

To start off with, the tiller was bang easy to assemble. Pop the handle on and you are ready to go.   That being said, my husband thought that in terms of how well the tiller itself chewed through the soil, the handle felt a little flimsy.   But, being said after that, no matter how tough the ground was, there was never an issue.

We tilled my garden, which already has been broken in during past years with no problems.   The tiller moved smoothly.   I think that if I had this to do again, I would have gone with a slightly smaller tiller though.   I have raised beds and turning it around in those beds was a bit tricky sometimes.  

So we tried it next in my neighbor’s open garden. Again, soil that had been tilled before.   My husband loved that and turning was not a problem.

Then we took it to my friend’s “fire-sale, bought in a foreclosure action and the yard was abandoned a year before the house was” yard.   This was basically virgin, hard clay soil, and my husband had a blast.   It was like watching a cowboy ride a bronco.   The soil did its best to throw my husband and the tiller and my husband and the tiller handled it. The tiller chewed through the ground and left a lovely, smooth bed in its wake.  

All in all, we were impressed and pleased.

Then the tiller broke.   It seems the spring on the pull cord had snapped.   My hubby, being a hands on kind of guy, took the pull cord assembly apart and shook his head like a doctor who had lost the patient.   I called the company.   And to be very honest, they were quick like bunnies to get the tiller fixed for us.   No fuss, no questions and we were rolling (um, I mean tilling) again in no time.

All and all, I liked this tiller. My husband loved the tiller. And while it did break on the 3rd time we used it, it gave me a chance to see their customer service in action, and they were very nice and prompt.

So the tiller is now at my in-laws and will then go to my husband’s grandparents and my other neighbor has asked if I could let them borrow it, just for an afternoon.   I am now officially the “friend with a tiller” which is the kind of friend with benefits that gardeners like.

5 thoughts on “Friend With A Tiller: Troy Bilt Super Bronco CRT Garden Tiller
  1. I love how you describe the tilling of the abandoned yard. We had to remove the top six inches of our garden this year and underneath that was a lot of very thick clay. My husband (coming in at almost 300 pounds of body-builder muscle) was hard pressed to hold on to the 5.5 hp tiller he ran through it and I wouldn’t have stood a chance. It really did resemble a cowboy heading out on a bronc!


  2. So your now that friend. I’m the one with a trailer & a cement mixer. I’m always on somebody’s ‘how are you doing’ list. LMAO! Great post!
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..LOST! (fade to black) =-.


  3. Rich Richardson on

    We appreciated and it’s an honor to have been able to show off our service dept. One item that always ask the 2nd question.
    ” I know you till the garden every year but do you cultivate the soil with fiberous material, maybe a little sand,straw, green plant matter.”
    I try to tell people to condition the soil from year to year to make it that proud dark soil we all dream about.
    The point being is “when was the last time you bought a potted plant in potted clay?” You’d be amazed when they realize what your really asking them.Thanks again adn happy tilling from us at Troybilt.


  4. Hi Hanna,

    Have you ever tried the Mantis tiller? We have one and love it. It’s easy to assemble, easy to start, and very light weight. The tines are amazing in that they will break up roots and bring rocks to the surface. It also has an easy-to-use throttle to minimize the bucking effects you mentioned. And it has a one year guarantee.

    It might sound like I work for the company, but I really just love that tiller.

    Best Regards.
    .-= Steve´s last blog ..Panama City =-.


  5. i also think that the Mantis tiller is great. easy to handle and very useful for my large backyard.


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