Closed For The Season

This morning I woke up and found that there was frost on the ground in spots. Light, barely shimmering, but frost never the less. And this is the sign that my garden is done for the year. It needs a rest. And then I realized that I had not posted here in over two weeks, and worse, I really did not want to.   It’s not to say that I don’t  ever want to post again.   I do love you guys.   But like my plants, I need a rest.

I think I know now why trees lose their leaves.   Oh sure, those scientific types might say it has something to do with leaf senescence and days getting shorter, but I know deep down inside that the REAL reason trees lose their leaves is because they are tired.

All summer long, its work, work, work.   Providing shade for this person, looking pretty for that person.   And heaven forbid that you be a fruit tree and be expected to provide fruit on top of it all.   I mean really, when does a tree get a break?  So those deciduous trees, you know the ones that have figured out that all work and no sleep creates a prickly personality (which explains a lot about many evergreens), take a break and rest.

What I am saying here is that I am going to take a page from their book.   I love gardening.   I now work, play, eat, sleep gardening.   Which is great.   Don’t get me wrong.   I don’t envy you gardeners that have to go to a real job every day (Sure, I get paid, but I still have a hard time believing that it is a real job). But I am a bit weary. My garden needs a rest and I need to roll it back a bit.

Last year this happened too, but I worried some of you when I just stopped.   So this is my notice.   This is my first frost to you.   I will be back — I promise.   I am planted in fertile soil after all and tended to by those who love me with tender, loving care.   I might even pop my head up mid-winter if something gardening related peaks my interest.   But until then, I hope you and your gardens rest well too.

16 thoughts on “Closed For The Season
  1. Sarah on

    I hear ya on the needing a break from gardening. While I’m a bit sad to see the season end, I’m so thankful that I finally get a break to do other stuff that’s needed doing for a while. This was our first really successful year gardening and canning and boy was it crazy. Looking forward to a good long hiatus.
    I’m a bit curious though… as a fellow Clevelander, I didn’t see any frost overnight. Does being very close to the lake make it more frosty overnight for you? I’m about 10 miles away myself, on the west side.
    Love your work,


  2. So sorry to see you go for the year, but we know that it is as necessary as it was last year. I go on blogging breaks every few months it seems, and have been on a “Mourning” break for the past few months. Just planning on coming back and you are leaving, oh well such is life.

    But since you are on my RSS feed, I will know when you do come back next spring. That is such a necessary tool to keep track of other bloggers who take breaks.

    Here in So. California we can have a garden all year round unless we get a frost, which may or may not happen. Last winter was very mild and because of this, two of my tomato plants are over a year and a half old. It is just weird to have had them last so long. And our strawberry plants are just as old. I do not think we will be so lucky to have such a mild winter this year but it would be kinda cool to have the tomato plants be over two years old. Because they are in large pots, I am almost tempted to bring them into the garage if we do get a frost. But I am thinking I will just buy one of those patio heaters, and if a frost comes, to just turn it on and keep the plants nearby. For some reason I have become attached to those two plants, almost like having a pet plant. Yup, I am gonna get me one of those heater thingy’s and pray a lot. If God is willing then they will see another spring.

    And maybe next year I will plant some plants in the ground. Our ground soil is hard clay and only very hearty plants/weeds seem to grow in it. I guess I really should research about where I can buy worms since I have heard that they can turn clay soil into normal soil in a few years.

    Well enjoy your break or vacation from gardening and blogging. We will await your return and just remember that we are a patient lot, I guess we have to be if we garden. Lots of patience needed if one wants to be a gardener.

    God bless.


  3. kyle gassman on

    Have a restful winter hiatus. Enjoy knowing that we will be here when you return in the spring.


  4. Phew! I thought I was alone in thinking that about trees. In Spring they look hopeful, come June, July they look like their leaves are doing a job of work but come the Autumn, even before the leaves start to turn they look kind of, well, knackered and ready for a rest.

    I’m busy digging bits of garden over as they become empty (except for all those red cabbages – what am I going to do with all those ^$%&%$& red cabbages?). Then stuff in some manure, fork in and broadcast some fodder rye (I hate to see empty ground, and the soil will benefit when I dig in the rye come March).

    Remember though that traditionally you plant garlic on the shortest day (and harvest it on the longest), so maybe you might have something to do around 21 Dec!



  5. Enjoy your break. I’m in South Florida and this is actually the most pleasant part of the year to garden. It’s not so hot.


  6. We should all listen to good advice from trees! Thank you for always putting a happy spin on gardening. I often find myself laughing out loud when I read about your unique insights. I look forward to some more posts after some good rest.


  7. Hope you enjoy your break and go into spring rejuvenated and ready for another season.

    I enjoy gardening here in NE Ohio because of the down time that winter allows, if we didn’t have winter my house would never get decluttered, scrubbed and cleaned.

    Rest up.


  8. Hi. I am clearly ready for my chilly weather rest and annual slow-down as well, as reading your beautifully worded post made me cry. Thank you for so nicely expressing what many of us feel this time of year.


  9. Anne on

    I read this, and have been thinkoing how excited I am till spring, yet at the same time I want some time to myself (much like the rest of you said) Then again, with school and all it’s not really my own time. Oh, well. Better to do homework than hw and gardening.


  10. Hello,

    I see you are currently on a break from writing, but I have just found this blog for the first time. This post really entertained me. Your writing and creativity are spill into the post. I’m excited to see what you write upon return.

    All the Best,


  11. Hanna-I just found your blog and agree that sometimes you just need a rest, a time to step back, reflect and dream of the season to come when you can return to the garden and create. You are a wonderful writer and I enjoyed reading your post. I look forward to more once you have had your winter rest! Spring and flowers and gardening will soon return.


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