Hanna on TV – New Day Cleveland – Edible Weeds

I know. I am not nearly as witty in person. It is my husband’s shame (he is constantly telling people I am funnier in blog than in person). But, I do get the occassional TV appearance, like today. I was on New Day Cleveland. If you care to watch, here you go:

Tell them you like me and that I should do trcnks like standing on my head over a cactus or something like that. 😉 When they launch the Gardening Network, I want to be the judge of Iron Gardener! (Hanna now goes off to a therapist to re-enter the real world)

2 thoughts on “Hanna on TV – New Day Cleveland – Edible Weeds
  1. Iron Gardner ! Does that mean surprise ingredients – like building a garden bed from Kuzdu and Mint ?

    Seriously now – at least for a moment – I just threw out a 16 place salad of purslane and dandelion when I weeded Tuesday. I guess I need to watch the video.


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