Rain, rain go away

Ok, so for gardeners, rain might be a good thing, but there is such thing as too much too often (except for pizza and sex, if you ask my husband). Really, the rain can stop now. I get the picture. Read more ›

First Frost, Last Chance, Note to Self

Note to self.  Next year near the end of October, check on a daily basis to prevent forcing husband to get out of a nice warm bed to carry potted plants in at 1AM.   He apparently does not like this.

Regarding my Faith in Cleveland Weather

The other day, I posted about my despair on the devastation of my magnolia blossoms. melissa c, a new reader (and I am thrilled to have her!), commented this: Come on girl! Where is your faith? Miracles still happen! It Read more ›

Cleveland’s Spring Heart Attack

Yesterday, it was 75F. Today, it was 70F. Tomorrow, it will be 40F. And by the weekend, it will be snowing. *sigh*This is Cleveland weather. The temperatures map like the electro cardiogram of a recent heart attack victim being hit Read more ›

Unseasonable Warm, Unquestionably Nino

Well, the winter started out snowy enough. Big fluffy mound of snow had covered everything and then *BAM* (as they say in the cooking world), Mother Nature kicked it up a bit and it has been unseasonably warm here in Read more ›

This Is It – The Ice Storm Cometh

*sigh* *sigh* *sigh* *doublesigh* It is suppose to start snowing in the next 24 hours. This is depressing. Snow. SNOW. Fucking snow in early October! ARGGGGG! The really sucky thing is that it suppose to go back up into the Read more ›

Facing Down First Frost

The cold weather has made it abundantly clear that it has no intention of leaving Cleveland. I thought that perhaps this cold spell had come too early but today when I checked the first frost I saw that I was Read more ›