What Happened to Ethanol?

Gas at my local gas station was listed at $2.72 per gallon today. I make note of this because we are driving down to Cincy to visit my parents today. That is a pretty painful number to be looking at Read more ›

Farm livin’ is NOT the life for me

If you have any romantic notions about country living, I am here to dispel them for you. Living in the country sucks… a lot. I should know, I spent 19 years experiencing it first hand. I learned two very important Read more ›

00-DAHLIA: My first Guerrilla Gardening mission

Agent Codename: 00-DAHLIA Target: Objective: Remove excessive amount of weeds that have grown in this flower bed. Agent’s Debriefing: My husband forgot to turn of the alarm clock this morning so I was up at 6:30am. Normally, this would earn Read more ›

Weeding out the Wal-Marts

You have to admit, Wal-Marts seem to pop up like a weed. They are everywhere and most of the time when they show up, they are not really wanted. Personally, Wal-Mart is another store on my “I won’t shop there” Read more ›

Earth Day 2006

I suppose you can’t have a gardening blog and not talk about Earth Day on Earth Day. I am sort of an Earth acquaintance, instead of a friend. I am nice enough to the planet that it thinks I am Read more ›

Victims of Indifference

I saw an elderly couple euthanized today. They were deemed unable to support themselves so they were put down. These were two huge trees just two houses down from mine. The tree surgeons said that when the city had put Read more ›