How To Make A Moss Terrarium

It has been a long, long while since I wrote a “how to”. I suppose I figure just about everyone knows how to do it better than me. But lately, I have had an obsession that was inspired by a Read more ›

How to String Up Tomatoes in the Garden

Just call me Hang ‘Em High Hanna.This past weekend, I took my own advice (along with the advice of some other people) and set up a string support for my beloved tomatoes. And since I like to be on the Read more ›

How to Make a Halloween Shrub Monster

It is Halloween and Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. My husband’s as well. We are very particular about our Halloween traditions. He always makes the kids costumes. And I always decorate the yard. We don’t go in Read more ›

How to Clean Your Dirty Gardening Hands

I haven’t done a decent how-to lately and as I was staring at my filthy grubby hands, I thought that maybe someone would like to know how to pamper our lovely and abused gardening hands. Just a note, I am Read more ›

How to Kill the Slimy Bastards (a.k.a. Slugs)

WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE I hate them. You hate them (or if you don’t, you should). Slugs. They are the bane of a gardener’s existence. The sweetest, would-not-hurt-a-fly gardener will gleefully crush the soft, slimy bodies of these ugly, plant Read more ›