Post Nozzle Drip Irrigation

I have been wanting to put in a drip irrigation system in my garden for years and it is mildly ironic that I finally found a system that I could install myself in the same spring where I need a Read more ›

Sole Survivor

They are the stuff of legends and special interest filler news pieces. Sole survivors.   Hundreds dead, all hope lost and then there is one, who, against all odds and wills of gods, makes it through unimaginable circumstances. I have Read more ›

Mulch Ado About Nothing

Note to self (and apparently all of you since I am posting this here), when they say “organic” mulch, they do not mean that it was made from chemical-free trees.   When the lady on the phone said “Do you Read more ›

To Catch A Tomato Thief

It would seem that I need to apologize to my tomato plants for insulting their sexuality. It has come to my attention that my lack of red tomatoes is not due to their lack of reproductive vigor, but rather a Read more ›

My Favorite Gardening Songs

I have often told people that I live my life to a soundtrack. There are just songs that speak to me about every part of my life. And gardening is among that. There are gardening songs that I love to Read more ›

Feral Strawberries

My feral strawberries are heavy with ripe berries right now. I call them feral because they are not the true wild strawberries you find demurely tucked into the base of trees in the woods. There were domesticated strawberries at one Read more ›

Trees Can Be Weeds Too

It was Memorial Day weekend, which is the weekend we Americans remember those that have gone to war and we American women put our men, who are not currently at war, to work on the ever growing honeydew list. So this Read more ›