Contemplating Cover Crops

For the first time in my gardening life, I have managed t clean out the vegetable beds BEFORE the snow started to fall. Which leaves me with an interesting dilemma. What do I do with the beds since there are Read more ›

And thus Another Gardening Season Comes To An End

Whew… The past two weeks have been just amazingly overwhelming. Children off to school, crazy schedules, weddings, anniversaries, cars breaking down and of course Cleveland weather threatening to destroy the garden in preparation for yet another winter. All in all, Read more ›

Go Go Gadget Green Tomato

Ugh. Ugh. Double Ugh. Damn tomatoes. Damn Green Tomatoes. I was certain when little baby tomatoes started popping up all over the place (weeks and weeks ago) that I would be in the tomatoes in no time. Obviously the Midwestern Read more ›

And Now The Summer Really Begins

Officially, summer does not start for another two weeks, but if you are a kid or you happen to have one or two (or a few) of the little buggers, chances are summer started for you this week. School’s out, Read more ›

While My Cherry Tree Gently Weeps

I think the stars were thinking when they decided the day I would be born. They took one look at my genetic code and said “That there is a human who will need lots of extra gardening related gifts right Read more ›