It’s All About The Money (Garden)

In today’s trouble economic times, it behooves ($10 word of the day) us all to understand a little bit about investing money and the financial terms that are used when talking about money. You may not know this about me, Read more ›

Seed Starting Pre-season

This weekend I am planting seeds, which for a gardener, is kind of like the first game of pre-season for baseball fans. The effort doesn’t really count towards the fruits of the season (after all, half the prospects  in front Read more ›

Daylily Obsession

I will gladly admit that I have an obsession. Gardening is what I love and every spare moment I have is dedicated to doing it. I have often wondered what would happen if I suddenly had more time (and space) Read more ›

Orchid Mania 2008

There is nothing like a good flower show to make the winter months a bit more bearable and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens has put on a good show to chase away the winter blacks, blues and blechs.   Orchid Mania Read more ›

Trees: Reloaded

Over the past few years, I have begun to think that Hollywood has run out of original ideas. Original ideas have not been overly abundant. Actually, judging by Hollywood’s revisiting, I would say that good, original ideas ended shortly after I turned Read more ›