Moving Day is at Hand

One of the movies on my “Favorite Movie List” is the Secret of NIMH. On the most basic level, the movie is about moving. The plow is coming and Mrs. Brisby must move her family to the lee of the Read more ›

This Gardener’s Holy Grail: Mangosteen

I found my Holy Grail. The rare and elusive Mangosteen tree. And like the original Holy Grail, it is destined to bring me heartache, disappointment and cost alot of money in my quest to obtain and keep it. *sigh* Why Read more ›

Container Gardens 101 at the Library

Last night I went to a little class on Designing with Containers. It was at the Cuyahoga County Library and was sponsored by Master Gardeners of Cuyahoga County and the OSU Extension Service. The speaker was Master Gardener Lee Ann Read more ›

Moving day – FREEEEEEDOM!

Welcome to my pride and joy. My porch collection of potted plants. I know, what you are thinking. “My, my Hanna… Um… Those plants look a bit… Um… bedraggled and dead.” Well, you wouldn’t look all that great either if Read more ›