My Precious

I am a big fan of the Lord of the Rings movies. I am not afraid to admit (now that it is many years past) that I actually risked a very good job to go to the showing of the Read more ›

My Garden and the National Guard

We interrupt our Tomato Tastings to bring you news of Hanna’s life… I don’t often share the intimate details of my life with this audience. You may know when I lose a dear one or that my children have started Read more ›

A Stray Dog – Some Who Wander Are Lost

When I was growing up, way out in the boonies of Clermont County, a stray animal would wander through my mother’s garden at least once a month. Which would explain why we never had less than 2 dogs and 6 Read more ›

Winter Blacks

I don’t get sick. At least I didn’t get sick until this past week when I had the flu. Holy shit, is the flu a real endgame for things like working and playing and it puts a damper on breathing Read more ›

Relaxing after the Solstice

Now with the holidays over, I can sit back and relax and take in the humorous frenzy of everyone else. My family and I celebrate the Solstice as opposed to Christmas. Our celebration is not that far different from most Read more ›

Mary Hric 1923 – 2007

My husband’s grandmother passed away this morning. She finally succumbed to the massive stroke that she had suffered from a few weeks ago. While normally I try to be light hearted on this blog, I do feel obligated to note Read more ›

Gardening on the Backburner

Do a happy dance. Pumpkin Patch is over. Not that any of you care (thanks if you do), but much of my free time for the past month has been taken up by the annual festival at my kids’ school, Read more ›

Wedding Tree Favors

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd wedding for my long-time and dear friend Walaya Arayawongkul.   Believe it or not, she has married the same guy (Michael Kretzmer) in all three weddings.   Thanks to the quirky nature Read more ›