Loosey Gooesy Looseneck Goosestrife

When I was offered this pretty little plant, I thought, “Aw, it is so cute.” Little white flags waving over a sea of green. Little did I realize that those flags were actually white flags of surrender from the other Read more ›

Desert Tolerant: Blanket Flower

When someone says “drought tolerant”, they are talk about a plant that can grow with very little water. But when you are talking about Blanket Flowers, what you should say is “desert tolerant”. I honestly am not sure these plants Read more ›

Horseradish: Passover and Harvest

L’Chayim! (Sorry, didn’t mean to spit in the screen.) It is time to harvest the horseradish. Do you know how I know that? Because it is almost Passover. Horseradish is one of the things that is traditionally served in the Read more ›