I Think I Can’t, I Think I Can’t

The past six months have been, well, let’s just say… interesting. Mainly because an accurate description would be rather expletive filled and that’s just not a polite way to start out a post (but here is your warning that later Read more ›

Spring Snuck Back So… So Did I

Spring has snuck back into Cleveland. And I think I know why.   It has to be because my order from Baker’s Creek Seeds came today.   Seeds, glorious seeds — tomatoes, melon and squash! While we’re in the mood Read more ›

Who Made This Gardening Mess?!?!?

I find it incredible how messy a garden can get over the course of the winter. I mean, granted, I did not actually clean the garden at the end of the summer last year, but I am sure that it Read more ›

I weeded today – A Sure Sign of Spring

Well, the official start of Spring happened today. Though, that is a point of contention between my husband and myself. He thinks Spring starts with Opening Day. I think it starts when I feel the overwhelming need to weed a Read more ›

Spring, Sprang, Sprung: Vernal Equinox

Light & Dark. Black & White. Yin & Yang. Ben & Jerry. Today, the world is in perfect balance with the sun spending an equal amount of time on each side of the world. Astrologically, today is the first day Read more ›

It’s Magnolia Season

The magnolias are in bloom in Cleveland and I am not there to see them. I am just the jet setter this week and I am now in Boston for a business trip. But I did get a few hours Read more ›

Gone but not forgotten (or not)

I could not go outside today. 🙁 My two youngest have both vomiting and diarrhea. Yeah, didn’t want to take them out. Shame they were sick. It was 60F+ today. At least I got to put the top down on Read more ›