What I Hate About My Garden

I was watching funny commercials on YouTube the other day when I had a revelation (And it was not that men in kilts are really hot — I have known that one for quite some time).   Thanks to Garrison Keillor Read more ›

You might be a gardener if…

You might be a gardener if… …Your vegetable crisper drawer holds more vegetable seeds than actual vegetables …When you go to the circus and step in elephant dung and your first thought is “I wonder if that would be good Read more ›

Aquarium Terrarium

While my seedlings are growing and the weather has given some indication that it remembers what spring is, I still find myself itching to get some real gardening in. Case in point, I was at Goodwill the other day (I love Read more ›

Victory Garden Gone Ozzie

I am a big fan of the show the Victory Garden. Mostly because I am part of the rare 10% who does not pay for their television and when you only have 7 stations to choose from (8 if I Read more ›

An Affair To Remember

It was a chance of fate that had brought her into my life and it was cruel fate that had taken her away again. It had been eight long months since Old Man Winter and his heavies had snuffed her Read more ›