Frequently Asked Questions for This Garden Is Illegal

Is your garden really illegal?
Yes. Technically.

Do you sell advertising?
Heck yes. I have to pay the hosting bill somehow. You can purchase a banner ad slot here. Sorry, I no longer sell links on this site. Nofollowed banner ads only. No exceptions.

Will you review my product?
Yes. In order to review a product, I need a free, non-returnable sample. I will honestly review your product on my blog. If this makes you nervous, you can view the post before I publish and decide whether of not to have it published (but I still get to keep the free sample). Again, the product has to be gardening related. Sorry, but you can not be so creative here. Contact me to set up a review.

Will you review my book?
See “Will you review my product?”

Will you write an article for my site? I will be super generous and give you a link back if you do.
Ok, first of all, if you check my backlinks you will see that offering me a link is like offering Bill Gates a dollar. I do write articles for other sites occasionally. It depends on the site asking and how busy I am. If you are a small site, and I am not busy, I might write you an article (I am generous like that). If you are a big site and I am busy, I probably will write you an article. If you offer me cash or free product, I don’t care what size your site is or how busy I am, I will definitely write you an article. Contact me to ask about my availability for writing an article.

Will you trade links with me?
If you are a garden (or semi-garden) blog, I will happily add you to my blogroll and the Garden Blog Search.   Just send me your info. This includes commercially sponsored blogs.   If you are a commercial site without a blog, please refer to “Do you sell advertising?” A girl has to pay her bills, you know.

Do you do interviews?
Yes, happily. Contact me to set up something.

Will you talk to my group about garden blogging or just blogging in general?
Yes, I can. But I will need to be paid for time and travel expenses. If you are local to me, I may waive that, but I would have to know more details. Contact me to find out more.

I only have a small/new garden blog. Is it good enough to be added to your blogroll and the Garden Blog Search?
Hell, yes it is. We all start out small. Your garden rocks and it deserves to be part of the garden blogosphere. Send it to me and I will add it to my blogroll and the Garden Blog Search.

I sent my site to you to be added to your blogroll and the Garden Blog Search. It has been a month and you have not added it. Does my blog suck?
Nope. I am just lazy or busy. I get many of these requests now, so I update the blogroll and the search about once a month. You will be added and I will send you an email when I do so.

I am a new blogger and I need someone to help me get my blog off the ground. Will you help me?
Gosh, I would love to. I really do, but I am a busy person and I just can’t. I do give pointers to some people if you have a specific question, if you want to send it to me.

I have a gardening question. Will you answer it?
Well, I can try, but I am really not a gardening guru. Just a gardener like you trying to muddle my way through to having a pretty garden. You would probably get a more informed response from my friends over at Gardening Know How. They have an Ask a Garden Question feature that allows you to ask any question and they will answer it.

Ads suck! Why do you have ads on your site?
Websites cost money to run. Plus, this is what I do for a living, write about gardening here and on my other site. That means that my blog has to make money or my kids will starve and more importantly, they will shut off the water and my plants will die.   The ads help pay for the site and my life. I will remove the ads if you are willing to send at least a few thousand dollars to me. I will be happy to provide my PayPal account email.

What are the meanings of all the flowers on the What Kind of Flower Are You Quiz?
The meanings for all the flowers can be found here: Meaning of flowers on the quiz.