Proven Winners Plants Postulations

This week I received a shipment of flowers from Proven Winners. Which is really cool, and really nice that they contacted me about it ahead of time to tell me they were doing this. Last year (when I wasn’t putting Read more ›

The Garden Is Always Greener

This is the view from my picnic table this week. Look up and you are looking into the blossom filled, galaxy like interior of the massive magnolia tree that resides in my back yard.   I love this tree and Read more ›

If Wishes Were Horses…

My mom use to tell me “if wishes were horses, beggers would ride.” I wish I could explain to you why I was gone for so long. I have sat down to write this post at least a dozen times Read more ›

Gardening For The Greater Good

I have found that on the whole, gardeners are generous people. We share seeds, we share plants, we share advice. We share just about everything (except underwear – because that would be gross… And spouses – because the 60s are Read more ›

It’s All About The Money (Garden)

In today’s trouble economic times, it behooves ($10 word of the day) us all to understand a little bit about investing money and the financial terms that are used when talking about money. You may not know this about me, Read more ›

I Think I Can’t, I Think I Can’t

The past six months have been, well, let’s just say… interesting. Mainly because an accurate description would be rather expletive filled and that’s just not a polite way to start out a post (but here is your warning that later Read more ›