Starting a blog with the new growing season

Today was the first day of the season that I was able to get out in my yard and get some gardening done. Not a day to soon, or maybe a few weeks too late. I have been going mad with all this yucky winter weather.

To tell the truth, I really wish I did not live in Cleveland. I wish I lived somewhere warm where it never snowed and was always sunny. Unfortunatly, most places like that cost too much for me to live there.

Anyway, I cleared out the front round bed and the front sun bed. It’s so nice to see all the little sprouts popping up. I am exhusted though. Way out of shape. Hopefully tomorrow will be this warm (HA! warm at 50F) so I can get a veggie bed cleared out for planting peas. Last year I planted some peas and had okay success. This year I want to dedicate a bit more room.

I need to note that I have to remember to get some more dutch iris for my front beds. I have one little clump that looks just lovely in the front sun bed.

I need more of these lovlies in my yard.

One thought on “Starting a blog with the new growing season
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  3. Christoph on

    I cannot tell you how happy I was to come across this site. I moved to Akron from Philadelphia PA and gardening is something I enjoyed years ago as a kid. I know NONE of the weeds here – or frost times or planting times or what grows well here so finding an experienced gardener with so much generosity of experience locally is AWESOME. Thanks SO MUCH for all this work and invaluable info.


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