The Green that Grows in Boston

I got back last night from Boston. Yesterday, before my flight, I had a few hours to kill so I walked around Boston and looked for all that is green and growing. Boston, being one of the oldest cities in the US, grew up before there was such an idea as urban planning. As a result, there is precious little green space. But the residents work very hard to make up for this in a variety of ways and I tried to capture that in the pictures below.

I am only going to highlight my favorite pictures and then I will put a link to the Flickr set at the bottom so that you can see the whole series of pictures if you want. Fair warning though, I am no photographer. I just wanted to capture what I saw. You can click on any of the images below to enlarge them.

This was a display outside a flower shop called “Twigs”. Isn’t it awesome? It’s made with carnations.

This is a community garden I came across. Very cool use of space in this plot. The collection of eclectic pots and decorations is very nice.

Sometimes the green that grows is vertical. While this is not intentional, this is a kind of green space.

I suppose you could call this the green that doesn’t grow. This was in the window of an award winning restaurant that had closed. The flowers from the last night the restaurant was open were left in the window to die and is a poignant reminder that even with all the skill, talent and applause in the world is still not enough.

Sometimes the things that grow are not green, things like anger, art and expression. This was an interesting graffiti painting I came across.

I wanted to share this one because I saw that the Green Roofs convention is being held in Boston in just a few weeks. And this was a cool example of one.

Click here to go to the my Flickr set of the other pics. Enjoy!

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