Planting bulbs out of season

It was a nice day today. I think spring is finally here officially. Today I planted some Reticulata Iris v. Cantab from Simple Pleasures. I bought them at Hirt’s on my buying spree. I picked them up at the last minute while I was checking out. And you are saying “But Hanna, those are Dwarf Iris. Don’t you plant those bulbs in fall?” Well, technically, yes. You are suppose to, but I always forget where the heck the other darn bulbs are planted. I usually end up buying a few off season bulbs so I can plant them while I can see where everything is.

And I get the bulbs at a discount.

Because they aren’t as healthy.

But it’s worth the gamble.


Okay, so maybe they won’t pull through, but when you think about how many plants we gardeners loes every season, it’s not so much of a bet.

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