SCORE! Plant buying binge success

I went plant shopping today. I superficially went out to find some plants to put in my trash salvaged terrarium but I know better than to think that is all I will buy when I go into the greenhouses.

I started out the day by going to Hirt’s Greenhouse which is my favorite plant place in and around Cleveland. This was my first time at their new site. Last year the corner they were on in Strongsville was bought by evil CVS. Consequently, I don’t shop at CVS anymore. I know, I know… Hirt’s didn’t have to sell, but I can’t blame them. The land was worth a mint and everyone has their price. But God Damn it… There is a CVS less than a half mile from there. Do they really need to pollute every corner, especially one that had a gorgeous old greenhouse one it?

Anyway, I went to Hirt’s. I got:

Baseball Cactus

Unicorn Horn Plant

Macodes Jewel Orchid

Pink Quill

It was a pretty good haul and I was excited about the baseball cactus. They are getting increasingly rare due to over harvesting.

But I did not find any decent carrot or radish seeds, which I am sort of looking for right now. So I decided to head to Petitti’s in Strongsville. I normally don’t go to Petitti’s mainly because it is like the Mecca of overpriced garden porn. But, while they are overpriced, they have a decent seed selection. I found a packet of Easter Egg Mix Radishes from Ferry Morse. No carrots that I wanted. I think I will have to order those online.

Anyhoo, then I saw it! A nepenthes alata or Winged Pitcher Plant.

Isn’t it just the coolest looking plant! Jeff is drilling some holes in a nice pot so that I can hang it up the kitchen.

I have wanted one of these really bad since I first saw one in a catalog, but I figured I would never see one in a store and it does not look like the kind of plant that ships well. But I found one today.

Overall, it is was a good hunt today.

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