Moving day – FREEEEEEDOM!

Welcome to my pride and joy. My porch collection of potted plants. I know, what you are thinking. “My, my Hanna… Um… Those plants look a bit… Um… bedraggled and dead.” Well, you wouldn’t look all that great either if you just spent the last 6 months in a 5′ X 5′ room in the basement with only a bunch of fluorescent shop lights to sustain you. For 6 months they are huddled refugees from the bitter Cleveland winter.

Many of the plants go into dormancy. They lose their leaves and kind of just go to sleep. They are in this plant purgatory just on the edge of death. A few do die. I lost two this year and that is pretty normal.

Altogether 32 potted plants and 15 brugmansia cuttings made the journey back up from the basement.

To tell the truth, “Moving Day” came late this year. I normally would have brought them up several weeks ago. Luckily for me, I was out of town and so I did not have them up before the frost last week. It is hard enough to move these once, let alone three or four times for frost.

My really big pots, with my fig, orange and rose geranium are not upstairs yet. The rain last night kept my husband from being able to move them up (The are far too heavy for me).

But these plants are thrilled to see the light of the sun again and feel the rain on their leaves and branches. You can almost here them yelling “FREEEEEEDOM!”

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