Temporary relief from all this rain: Virtual Gardening

It is still raining! Other than a few hour reprieve two days ago, this rain has been non-stop. And cold too. Ugh. I was glad for the rain, but now I am getting a bit stir dirt crazy. I am starting to see good places in the house to build flower beds. I think it may be time to explore my online gardening options before I do something my husband will regret.

I found this little gardening game called ‘Plantasia‘. In the game, you are a fairy named Holly who must grant the wish of a man named Jack. Jack is a little manic depressive and sarcastically wishes for the gardens around his house to be restored. So Holly is stuck refurbishing the entire grounds of Jack’s palatial estate on her own. (Obviously the Fairy Union has not been doing their job right) Her only help is a crotchety old sunflower who complains alot.

Plantasia is pretty fun. It is kind of along the lines of a garden themed Bejewled or Tetris. You run around digging holes, removing rocks, planting seeds, picking flowers, killing bugs (non-organically) and watering plants. Sounds almost like a real garden, doesn’t it? The faster you do all of these things, the more ‘mana’ you earn. Mana is like money and you can buy things for the garden. Ultimately, you want to earn enough to buy a new fountain and statue. Once you do this, you can go onto the next level.

It costs $20 for the full game, but you can download a free hour trial here to try it out.

Another fun virtual gardening game is TinyGrow. It is a free Flash based online game where you ‘grow’ an alien garden through various actions. Warning: You may have acid flashbacks, even if you haven’t actually ever dropped acid. A very bizarre but neat game.

I particularly like the birds. The poop from the big blue bird causes plants to grow. I told you it was weird.

Click here to play TinyGrow

Of course if games are not your thing, you can always visit some gardening webcams. It can’t be raining everywhere in the world, so find someone’s garden where it is not raining and enjoy their sunshine from the comfort of your computer. I found a great directory of gardening webcams. You can surely find one sunny gardens among all of these.

So these things should keep me from going stir dirt crazy at least for another day or so. But it better stop raining soon. I am thinking that a bed of delphiniums would look great in the dining room.

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