Hairstyling 101: Bee Balm

I have long thought that Bee Balm looks like a flower version of a Fraggle. Who knows? Maybe the late, great Jim Henson got some of his inspiration from the garden. After all, it was him that coined the phrase “It’s not easy being green.” It’s a very gardening thing to say, even if he was referring to the color of a frog’s skin.

My Bee Balm is just now peeking out from their buds into their full fledged teen rebellion complete with the hairstyle to prove that they are not just another pretty flower. They are a one of a kind flower that looks just like every other bee balm flower they are hanging out with. Because they are part of the Mint gang, pretty soon the whole bed will be filled with them and I will need to get the flower bed mall cops to come and shoo some of them away.

Bee Balms are an herb, which was something I did not know when I first planted them in my garden. I grew them for nearly 2 years before I learned that you could eat the leaves. Now, I toss some chopped into salads or add some to the ice tea I make in then summer. It’s something surprisingly yummy.

Despite the fact that Bee Balm is technically a mint, I very rarely hear anyone complain about it. I think that is because Bee Balm is friends with some really nice critters.

As usual, we gardeners have utilized the *duh* element in naming Bee Balm. Not surprisingly, Bee Balm is very popular with bees. It is also a favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies. I’ll take my plants bringing home friends like that any day.

So yeah, Bee Balm can be a little pushy in the flower bed but at least they are helpful.

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