Planning My Saturday Plant Buying Spree

You know how you can really tell if it is time to plant your garden? You can tell because of the marathon of plant sales and swaps that happen all at once.

Here in Cleveland, it is a busy, busy Saturday this week. My neighbor and I are going to leave at 9:00AM and we aren’t coming back until the car is packed full of plant goodness.

Our first stop is going to be the Bedford Town Square. The Bedford Garden Club is having their second plant sale there (the first took place during the rainy cold spell we had here and nobody came apparently). The sale runs from 9AM to 1PM.

I went to their sale last year. It is an okay sale with a mix of nursery grown and home grown plants. The prices were about the same as you would find at the local nurseries. I personally like the plant sales that are more home grown stuff as you have a better chance of finding those less popular but still beautiful gems.

Next, we are going to go to the Master Gardener Plant Sale in Lakewood at the Lakewood Park. This goes from 10AM – 3PM and there will be classes all day, too. As I said when I first heard about this one, I am hoping that there will be plenty from the Master Gardeners’ own gardens.

We won’t be staying the whole time though. We need to be over at the Southeast Branch of the Cuyahoga County Library for their annual plant swap. Bring your garden overflow and bring home some new plants to try. The plant swap starts at 2PM and goes until 4PM.

If we have time, we may swing by the Ridgewood Garden Club’s plant sale in Parma. It’s at 11417 Snow Road from 9AM – 5PM. It’s on the way to the Master Gardener Sale, but I’m not sure we will have time to stop.

Then, on top of that, if I can manage to pull my ass out of bed early enough, I wanted to give the Coit Road Farmer’s Market a quick look-see before I go out with my neighbor. I had not been to this farmer’s market before, but George over at the BrewedFreshDaily blog mentioned it. He said they had plants for sale and I want to see what they have.

Plus, I am still searching for a farmer’s market here in Cleveland that is as good as the Findlay Market in Cincy. I miss Findlay Market. I use to get fresh cut flowers every Saturday. The woman grew them in her own yard and she made the best bouquets for super cheap. They had real farmer’s there too. *sigh*

Whew! I think I am going to need to invest in a four pack of Red Bull to make it through this Saturday.

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