You’re in the Garden Army Now: Volunteer Vegetables

tomato volunteerAlright soldiers. Stand tall and proud! You are in the Garden Army now!You lot are a special group. You’re not like those other pansies who were drafted and forced to grow up in this Garden Army. No, sir. You soldiers volunteered for a tour of duty in a high combat zone. There will be ferocious enemies to evade and you will need to watch for friendly fire. You may not make it to the end but know that you will be mourned when you are lost.

Well done, soldiers. Your Garden thanks you for being willing to stand up and be counted.

cucumber volunteerThis year, I feel like my vegetable garden has become an army recruitment center with all the volunteers that have sprung up this year. There are the normal tomato volunteers which grow like weeds sometimes, especially if you grew cherry tomatoes last year. But this year I have also had volunteer peas, volunteer cucumbers, volunteer pumpkins and volunteer job’s tears.

I have to be careful when weeding the vegetable beds lest I inadvertently yank one out. They are like the special forces of my garden bed, I don’t always know where they are and they are really good at keeping their location concealed until you find you have their carcass in your hand.

pumpkin volunteer

I like the volunteers though. They really are a special group. They will stand up better to the elements (having already survived the winter) than the intentionally planted vegetables and, in the case of the tomatoes, it is a pleasant surprise to see exactly what you have growing.

So, to all my little volunteers, I salute you! May you grow to make your gardener proud.

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