Green Tomato Perfume and Other Scents To Drive Your Man Wild

NoseOne of the best things about the garden is the way it smells, and I don’t mean just the obvious floral ones. There is the smell of the dirt right after the rain or the way ripe tomatoes smell right after you pick them or maybe just the smell of good old earthworms helping your compost pile along.

The garden is is full of wonderful smells that, unfortunately, only a gardener would know about and appreciate. Sometimes you kind of wish you could bring that smell with you to share with other so that they could see what the fuss is about.

But oddly enough, carrying around things like tomato branches and shoving them in people’s faces so they can experience the unique smell of green tomatoes is considered eccentric… at best.

And rubbing the same branches all over your body so that you can carry the scent with you is not only considered eccentric… at best, but could also be hazardous to your health.

*sigh* And suddenly I had some fleeting visions of wild vegetable garden sex that will never be able to come to fruition.

Anyhoo. if you are a dedicated lover of the lesser appreciated scents from the garden, there is a way to make these a part of your everyday life. No longer will you have to sit at you desk at work and pine away for the smell of you basil plants growing in the sun.

You can simply place an order with Demeter Fragrances and *voila* your favorite garden smell is now your favorite perfume.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am thinking Thunderstorm is what I need to buy for my next date night but Wet Garden will be just right for when I need to meet with clients.

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