People Who Hate Tomatoes: Yes They Really Exist

I love tomatoes. I think they are pretty much a perfect vegetable… or fruit… or vegetable.

So you can imagine my shock and surprise to discover that there are people who HATE tomatoes. Yes, they hate tomatoes. I’ll write it slower so everyone can read it. There are people who hate tomatoes.

In fact there are people who so hate tomatoes that they would deem them as evil… spawn of Satan and friend to all that corrupt and defiled in this planet. Yes, they believe tomatoes to be the bane of civilization and humanity itself. Tomatoes are evil? What silly, silly people.

How can these people exist in the world? I must remind myself that I must be accepting of all people, even if they are anti-tomato and half out of their brains. The fact is, that this hatred of tomatoes is not their fault.

Recent studies suggest that our tastebuds and our preferred flavor combinations are a matter of nature rather than nurture. So, this leads me to believe that these tomato haters are people who are to be pitied. They can’t help it. It’s in their genes. They need my sympathy, not my condemnation.

But then there is evidence that nurture plays a big role in our taste preferences as well. If this is correct, than, again, tomato haters are to be pitied. They are not to blame, their parents are to blame. These poor people were deprived of tomato exposure early in life and are paying for it now. I believe that they may have a case for some sort of child abuse if this is the case.

So you see, because of the combination of these two factors, we must forgive tomato haters their transgressions. It’s not their fault. They are simply victims of terrible circumstance.

22 thoughts on “People Who Hate Tomatoes: Yes They Really Exist
  1. wtf???? this is some complete fucking bullshit. Yeah I hate tomatoes but I don’t think they’re the root of all evil. I just don’t like the taste of them. These facts are fucking retarded…


    Whoa! Reply:

    Whoa jin, Shes being completely sarcastic with the “Bane of evil” stuff. Take a joke i DESPISE tomatoes but understood her sarcasm!


  2. Jin – You obviously have issues that range much further than not liking tomatoes. Sense of humor – get one. I am willing to lay money down that it would improve your social life.


  3. davidd on

    Tomato sucks, its just sucks, I dont get how peaople like tomatos, all the gel inside blhahaaa!!!
    We Are The Normal-You Are The Weird!!!


  4. Scott H on

    Ohhh… Old post revival..

    I used to hate tomatoes, only having experienced the joys of supermarket garbage. It’s any wonder why I hated them.

    This year however is the first year of our garden, though my wife had gardened in the past. 4 rows of tomatoes, 50′ long. Some 80 plants in all.

    Got to admit, they’re the best things I’d ever tasted and I have no issues having a slice on a sandwich anymore. We’ve got salsa, tomato juice, canned tomatoes, stewed tomatoes; all ready for the winter months.

    Food for thought.. If you truly hate tomatoes, does that mean that you won’t eat any at all? No pizza? No pasta? No ketchup on your burger?

    Well, I wasn’t that bad.. I just couldn’t stand eating them sliced or whole.


  5. Laura on

    Hey, Answer is no infact, I don’t like pizza or ketchup on anything. Will only have pasta if its carbonara sauce. Just the way I am, my diet is still healthy.


  6. Rob on

    I was raised on a tomato farm, and I HATE them. My parents loved tomatoes, and tried to make me eat them at every turn. I wanted to run away when I smelled macaroni & tomatoes cooking, which my mother cooked once or twice a week.

    Even now, at age 37, when I visit Taco Bell, ask for NO TOMATOES, and find that a small chunk has slipped its way into my taco, it makes me gag…

    I met a woman who shared my hate of tomatoes, and we wed 7 years ago. I have never been happier 🙂


  7. with all due respect. I hate tomatoes, i hate the smell of them, I hate looking at them. I cant stand them. I rather die than ever eating. Ever since I was young my parents try to force me to eat them. But that was the only thing i refused to do. they try grounding me, hitting me, they even ask me to leave the house but that was the only thing i never gave in to.

    I just really hate them.
    I want to know is there anyone else on this planet who is like me
    Anyone like me, it will be really comforting ^^


  8. The taste of tomatoes makes me want to vomit. Right when I taste it I feel sick.I have been that way since I could eat normal food. When I see someone eat them I feel sick. It’s just food. But it’s gross. They are pretty though, I like the color.


  9. I hate tomatoes as well! I don’t think they are evil, the taste is just not something I enjoy.
    But, I like ketchup, cooked tomatoes, marinara sauce, etc. It’s just fresh tomatoes. I am wondering what other fruits/vegetables have equivalent nutritional value because I understand how great tomatoes are for you:)



  10. I hate tomatos. What’s to like they’re a watery weak tasting fruit with a filling of similar consistency to snot.
    I don’t mind tomato sauce, and i love sundried tomatos, i just fel that in their raw form they’re poisonous


  11. tomatosAREevil on

    They are in the belladonna family. Yes, they are evil.
    In fact I remember a rather funny skit on the topic from George Carlin. So tomato haters aren’t a new thing. But at least we can throw them at the tomato lovers and they won’t mind, right? They LOVE em! So let’s give them what they want! {{{Lob}} SPLAT!


    Hanna Reply:

    You are aware that potatoes, eggplant, peppers and tomatillos are also in the nightshade/belladonna family, right? 😉


  12. tomato hater on

    The smell of tomatoes make me nauseous and putting them in my mouth makes me gag. Always been like this for me. My brother gave me a fruit called tamarillo once and I took a bite and felt like vomitting. Turns out it is related to the tomato. I eat all other fruits though.


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  14. Absolutely hilarious blog! I found it because I googled “hate tomatoes” to find a picture of a tomato with an “x” through it. Too funny! Like the above commenters, both my parents love tomatoes and attempted to get me to eat them (but not forced) all my growing up years. I’ve tried to like them, I’ve tried to eat them all different ways and I can’t stand them. They make me gag. Even if the seeds/juices end up in a salad or in my taco (amen Rob! ^) I gag. I like ketchup but that’s about it. I don’t even like red sauce on my pasta! And to your reply about the other belladonna family members, they’re all gross too! I didn’t realize they were connected, but it all make sense now.

    I’ve said for years that tomatoes are what Eve ate off the tree and that God banned the fruit to grow on the ground. ha!

    I’ll happily give tomatoes off my salads, burgers, tacos etc to anyone at the table with me. So luckily we can all get along – tomato haters and tomato lovers. 🙂


  15. I think people associate this fruit/vegtable/fruit/whatever with being rotten because of the taste and smell. 300 years ago they were considered poisoness in America.


  16. i was raised on a farm with summers full of tomoaots and tomato sauce making etc. and i LOVE tomatos. nothing better than a fresh one right off the plant!!!!!


  17. I am a chef who recently wrote a book about Italian cooking with no tomatoes. Not because I hate them, but because I wanted to expand people’s thinking about Italian food, and how it encompasses so much more than just potting tomatoes on things. (I called it “Beyond the Red Sauce”.) Anyway, the thing that has surprised me is how many people have bought the book due to the fact that they hate tomatoes! It wasn’t my intention to write a book for their hatred of tomatoes, but that’s a lot of how it’s worked out! Weird…


  18. TomatoaLove on

    LOL! This is hilarious! I was writing my fb status about how I wish I was a tomato because tomatoes are awesome n was googling for a nice tomato pic to go with it, and i found this! or hate tomatoes, this is definitely meant to make u smile 🙂


  19. Gabrielle on

    Tomatoes. Hah. I was hosting a tea party and I had some help with the food and we made little caprici salads on these fancy toothpicks. I thought “you know what–I’m gonna try one. I like basil and I love mozzarella. Maybe my love of those two will cancel out my dislike for raw tomatoes–I haven’t tried one in years anyways!”

    So I did. i shoved the whole thing in my mouth and started chewing.

    Immediate gag reflex. I almost vomited right then and there–entirely involuntarily.

    Lesson learned: raw tomatoes are disgusting to me.


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