Regarding my Faith in Cleveland Weather

The other day, I posted about my despair on the devastation of my magnolia blossoms.

melissa c, a new reader (and I am thrilled to have her!), commented this:

Come on girl! Where is your faith? Miracles still happen!

Magnolia in snowIt is not that I lack faith. As a matter of fact, my faith is particularly strong when it comes to Cleveland weather. I always have faith that it will change so quickly that it breaks land speed records.

I think that this is the most difficult part of living and gardening in Cleveland. I could take the cold, the early snow and the late frosts. I would never complain (well, maybe just a little) if I only had consistency. When winter is over, no more snow, no more ice. When fall is over in a beautiful nipping frost, no more sunny days with temps in the 80s. It’s just not fair.

It makes me want to stand out in my garden as if I am trying to recreate the breath taking scene in “A Walk in the Clouds” where they are trying to save the vinyards. If only I had Keanu Reeves to help me with that… *sigh*

Anyhoo, it invokes in me a manic guilt that if only I had done… SOMETHING to help them make it through that one or two days of cold, I might have been able to make my garden last just that much longer.

It takes alot of faith to garden in Cleveland. You just have to hope that you made wise choices in what you planted that can take Cleveland’s fickle ways.

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