David Woeste: 1975 – 2007

Ahhhh, today I am a little sad. I called my mother today to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and she informed me that a former high school classmate of mine, David Woeste, had died in a plane crash on Friday.

This one hits me a little hard, just because it is an example of how life is just not fair. You see, I had really tough time in high school. I was different and different people just don’t fare well in public school settings. But David always stuck out as someone who was kind. While others thought it was amusing to torment me, David never did and had even on occasion stood up for me.

I can not say that we were friends, but he was such a kind person to me and I very much appreciated that.

It turns out that David and I had something in common as we grew older. We both became avid gardeners and we both became internet marketers. He and his wife had started a website called BestNest, which is a site that sells things for your garden, especially for attracting critters.

I have not seen David since we graduated high school a little over 12 years ago, so this is not a personal grief so much as I am just a saddened that such a gentle soul was taken so soon. Truly good people in this world seem to be too few, and the world always suffers a little from the loss of a gardener. It is a sorrowful thing to see the loss of both kinds in a single man.

My condolences go out to the Woeste family. He was a good man.

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  1. melissa c on

    This is sad. I have had a few friends die since high school. I am only 36 so this seem so young to me.

    It is heartbreaking when someones life is snuffed out this early.

    I am so sorry this has happened to you.


  2. Blackswamp_Girl on

    I’m so sorry for your loss… I’m also 31 (I didn’t realize we were the same age, Hanna) and it does seem way too young. You wrote a lovely tribute to him, though.


  3. Sylvana on

    Sorry to hear about your friend. I have lost a few people that I just thought were the best. I think those people should be able to live long lives so that they can touch as many lives as possible.


  4. Entangled on

    I’m so sorry to read this, first because you’ve lost someone you remember fondly, and second because I’ve purchased bird feeders from BestNest. I really liked the fact that they began their business as a way to spend more time together and live the kind of life they wanted. This is just so tragic.


  5. Hanna on

    Thanks for all of your kind thoughts.

    Entangled – He really was an all round nice guy.


  6. Kylee on

    I’m so sorry to hear this about your high school friend. Please accept my condolences. I’m sure that everyone who knew him will miss him terribly.


  7. trey on

    The best honor for your friend is to continue being “different”. He saw something special in you and took the time to be kind. Every time you are kind to someone you will be honoring his memory. He likely knew the real interesting people are those who are “different”.

    Sorry for your loss.


  8. Anonymous on

    I was fortunate enough to see David grow up as child into a wonderful man.

    The sorrow that my family and I are feeling is so deep. My prayers are with his amazing wife, Beth and their gorgeous children.

    Anyone who knew David were truly blessed as touched everyone in a special way!


  9. Anonymous on

    Heather, Mandi, and Gina – How wonderful to see familar names as I searched the internet tonight. This is Trina (Wells) Kirby. Mike and I and our family were supposed to go camping with Dave and his family last Friday before the tragedy. We are doing everything that we can to help his family get through this and we all appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Heather is absolutely right – Dave was a great man!


  10. JG on

    I graduated from CNE in 94. I did not know David that well, but I am also a pilot so I guess we had something in common. I just wanted to let David’s family and friends know that my thoughts are with you.


  11. Anonymous on

    Hi everyone from CNE class of 94. I was devastated to hear about David. I did not know him well but what I do know of him were only good things. I feel for his wife and children. In high school my name was Rose Seibert, but is now Hedger. I can be contacted at hedgerrc@hotmail.com.


  12. Hanna on

    Thanks all for stopping by to leave your comments about David. It is good to know that his family has support and love as well as thoughts through this difficult time.


  13. Anonymous on

    I, too, was saddened to hear the tragic news. This is Stephanie Wolfer. David was kind, funny, and genuinely good. It was such a pleasure to bump into him on the sidewalks of Miami U. Always with a smile, he had a gentle ease about him that I remember fondly. My heart and thoughts go out to his family.


  14. Anonymous on

    Trina, I agree with you…it’s good to see familiar names, under such sad circumstances. If anyone learns about funeral/memorial arrangments for David, please post them or send me an e-mail at mommytothethirdpower@hotmail.com I welcome hearing from any/all CNE grads…


  15. Anonymous on

    A memorial service for David will be held at the chapel of Crossroads Community Church, 3500 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45209, on Sunday, May 20, 2007, at 2:30 P.M. Friends and family are welcome to come and share in this celebration of his life. Memorials can be made to Samaritan’s Purse at samaritanspurse.org or Pregnancy Care of Cincinnati, 108 William Howard Taft, Cincinnati, OH 45219.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at cwkirby@cinci.rr.com


  16. Anonymous on

    I am glad that Gina sent me the link to this site with postings from familar names from high school. When I heard about David’s death, I could not believe it. David was smart, kind, and funny… An all around great guy! It had been quite awhile since I last saw David, but like Stephanie, always enjoyed seeing him around Miami’s campus. I plan to go to the memorial on Sunday. David’s family remains in my thoughts and prayers.

    Jen Schlosser


  17. Dr. Trevor A. Daniels on

    I was very sad to just learn that David Woeste was tragically killed this summer. David and I lived across the hall from each other freshman year at Miami Univeristy. Although David and I were not best friends and travelled in different circles, I sat this afternoon and recounted all of the late night conversations we used to have in Reid Hall. As a minority student I remember that many of my peers were not that welcoming, however David was always kind and a truly welcoming person. The world is going to be a lesser place without him. My condolences to his family.

    Dr. Trevor A.Daniels
    Los Angeles, California


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