Guess That Lawn – The Hanna Edition

Let’s play a game. It’s called Guess that Lawn. Take a look at these pictures I took of lawns in my neighborhood and guess which one is mine.

Hmm… Is this Hanna’s lawn?

Nope. Not this lawn.

Is this Hanna’s lawn?

Nope, Not this lawn either.

Could this be Hanna’s lawn?

Not even close.

How about this lawn? Could this be Hanna’s lawn?

Angngngng. This is not Hanna’s lawn either.

Surely, Hanna would have a lawn like this.

Nope, wrong again.

This lawn has got to be Hanna’s lawn.

Wring, wrang, wrong. Not Hanna’s lawn.

Maybe this lawn?

Yeah, right. Hanna just wishes. This one is Hanna’s super gardening neighbor, Kristen.

Oh… Um… Gosh… This is the last one.
Is this what Hanna’s lawn looks like? Have I mentioned that the neighbors have sent around a petition to have me lynched on the grounds that I don’t fit in well with the whole suburban lawn mindset?

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