Organic Gardening – Yeah, Dat’s Me

Hanna in Organic Gardening MagazineIf you have ever wondered what the elusive Hanna really looks like, I would suggest that you run on out and buy the latest (June/July) issue of Organic Gardening. There is a picture of me right there on page 33.

I was contacted a few months ago by Willi Evans Galloway who is an editor over at Organic Gardening. She wanted to run a short interview about me and my tomatoes. I agreed and it was a blast. (She confirmed during that interview that stringing up tomatoes is a great way to go)

A little while later, they had Ben Chodroff, a local Renaissance man of many talents, take my picture for the magazine. Ben is a great guy, and if you have the need for some photography work based here in Cleveland, I would highly recommend him.

So, this constitutes my very first official media mention. It has been a fun experience and thank to everyone who thought that my wayward ramblings were worth the mention.

BTW, Organic Gardening magazine is packed with lots of helpful tips that go beyond just being organic. Even if you are not the organic type, there is plenty to learn inside this magazine.

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