Welcome to My Vacation Garden

Vacation GardenWhen I said that this resort could cater to your every need, I certainly didn’t think that this would include providing a vacation garden. To the right is a picture of the view right outside my room. I can step out on the patio and *voila*, I have a small garden. I think later today I may do a little weeding.

Not surprisingly, my vacation garden consists of several plants that, at home, reside in the inner sanctums of office buildings and malls. But while office plants are about as fitting for their surroundings as a peg legged pirate would be, such in not the case here. I am fairly certain, given the fact that I saw these same plants growing wild as we drove in, that these were growing wild. As I had mentioned, the Dominican Republic is mostly sub-tropical. Because of this, these are lush looking plants tend to be drought tolerant for short periods and can take both sun and shade.

Turkys in the gardenBreakfast this morning was quite pleasant. I ordered a plate of fruit for breakfast with the intention of sitting in my little vacation garden while enjoying the passing butterflies. Instead, I enjoyed the passing turkeys. Not quite what I had in mind, but entertaining nonetheless.

Perhaps I should call this my vacation farm instead.

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