Go Go Gadget Green Tomato

Green TomatoesUgh.


Double Ugh.

Damn tomatoes. Damn Green Tomatoes.

I was certain when little baby tomatoes started popping up all over the place (weeks and weeks ago) that I would be in the tomatoes in no time. Obviously the Midwestern Gods of “Thou Shalt Not Be Proud (or Bragging or Say Naner-naner-boo-boo)” read my post on having baby tomatoes and have seen fit to punish me by providing me with hundreds of little green tomatoes and nary a one to eat. I am beginning to feel like I should go get an albatross and throw myself on my vegetable beds and whine alot. It wouldn’t help me much, but melodrama is always a good way to pass the time.

Apparently, I am not the only one who is wanting to eat some tasty tomatoes. SK8 over at Wolfie & The Sneak has created a truly awesome template for tracking your own tomato tastings. She emailed me to let me know she had posted it and I was simply blown away. She is really talented, that one. Anyhoo, if you have tomatoes and you want to keep track of your thoughts about them and look super cool doing so, hop on over and get yourself a copy of the template.

I kind of wish that there was some sort of device I could buy that would make my tomatoes turn red faster. Apparently, there is no such green tomato gadget. So much for modern science, I say. I mean, if you can put a pig heart in a human but you can’t get a tomato to turn green faster, what is it good for?

I know, I know… I am not the only one waiting for red tomatoes, but a fair lot it does me to know that.


Come on tomatoes. As Kermit says, “it’s not easy being green”! I can tell you from personal experience that it’s not easy seeing green either.

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