Loosey Gooesy Looseneck Goosestrife

When I was offered this pretty little plant, I thought, “Aw, it is so cute.” Little white flags waving over a sea of green. Little did I realize that those flags were actually white flags of surrender from the other plants in the garden. “Help, us. Help, Us. It is taking over.”

There is no denying that Gooseneck Loosestrife is a stunning plant. When grown in drifts, it can bring life to a mid and late summer garden. The trade-off is that it will strangle the life from a year round garden, if not kept in check.

And keeping this plant in check is no small task. It spreads by bright red underground runners. The runners will run where ever the soil will let them. I have seen this plant double its footprint in a year, every year.

I now rip it out of the ground when it steps out of line. You have to be strict with these kinds of plants. Give them an inch and they will take the whole yard, and I mean that quite literally.

The nice thing about Gooseneck Loosestrife is that it will grow where ever you need it to. Sun, shade, wet, dry. It is a happy little bully plant no matter where you put it.

The only downside to this plant (besides the whole invasive species thing) is that it may need a little support. I find that without some kind of support system (like you would use with dahlias and peonies) you end up with a whole bunch of pretty flowers eating dirt.

One thought on “Loosey Gooesy Looseneck Goosestrife
  1. KGC on

    Question: I’m considering rooting Gooseneck in a barren area of an outdoor entertaining area of my yard that is currently enclosed by five white oaks, and bordered with Monkey/Mondo grass. Will/could the Gooseneck get through the monkey grass and into the yard? Will it attack the monkey grass border? Please advise if you have experience. Thanks. KGC


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