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It is a half past a few days after the first of the year. Most of the United States has created one of 3 resolutions, lose weight, get organized, get laid… erm… I mean find Mr./Mrs. Right. But us gardeners? We scoff at such paltry goals. We have grander plans, plans that involve taking over the world!!! Wa-ha-ha-ha!!!

Oh, sorry, had an Animaniacs moment there.

So maybe we don’t dream of taking over the world, but we do dream of taking over the earth, at least the earth contained in our garden. How do I know this (other than driving impulses that direct me now)? The Great Google told me of course. Google Trends tells us all.

What!?!? You have never heard of Google Trends? Oh yeah, I forget that the rest of the world is not internet addicts. But still, Google Trends can be fun for your average web surfer for at least a few minutes.

So let’s start with this little world, the world of garden blogging. So what do we find out from Google Trends about garden blogs? Apparently, they are much more popular in Singapore and Malaysia than here in the US. We Yanks did not really discover garden blogs until 2007. Prior to that, not enough people searched for a garden blog to even register to Google.

Now the term “gardening” shows us some really interesting things. Mainly that once the blush of Christmaka has worn off, we gardeners turn into gardening fiends and we don’t slow down until April. This reveals what we already know. We suffer from cabin fever on cocaine and we turn to the internet for our winter fix. But once the sun shines and sprouts burst, we abandon our web dealers and go for the real thing. If you remember my article on seed catalogs, this trend plays into the reason why you start getting seed catalogs in December. The seed selling world just wants to whip you up into a fine frenzy so they can make more money.

But Hanna, you say, the trend of “gardening” is going down. Obviously this proves what we always said about the decline of gardening. Whose this “we”, kimosabi?

Before you write long diatribes on the end of gardening as we know it, let me show you a few other trends:

There is not necessarily having less gardening, but rather we have gotten more sophisticated in how we search.

An interesting side bar is that herbs get a double spike rather than the single spring spike of search traffic. It seems that the one thing people feel they can’t live without from their garden are those tasty tidbits. When faced with the prospect of having to take a second mortgage on their house so that they can enjoy fresh herbs, it seems that they turn the internet to see how they can stave off this harrowing prospect.

So here we stand on the edge of the gardening season for a new era. The Internet Gardening Season. Gather your catalogs close and read up on all you want to do while you wait for the sun to return.

14 thoughts on “Googling Garden Trends
  1. I think you just don’t find as many people interested in gardening anymore. What they are interested in is, “herb growing”, “vegetable growing”, “native plant enthusiast”, “shade trees”, “bird watching”, etc.

    So when we hear that “gardening” is on a downward trend what we are finding is people are just fine tuning their interests. Your a “organic vegetable grower”, not a “gardener”. It’s semantics, and a narrowing of interest. My 2 cents.


  2. Andy on

    Brain: Pinkey, are you pondering what I am pondering?

    Pinkey: Uh…I think so Brain, but how we gonna get the rubber pants on the chimpanzee?


    Of course I prefer the “Randy Beeman(sic?)” bits more…




  3. Very interesting. I’m saving all my seed cataloges in a pile, I won’t let myself look at them until I figure out what I want to grow and how many new trees I want to buy. Then I will only buy to fill those needs, helps rid me of excess seeds & plants come gardening season!


  4. Hanna,
    Always a treat to drop by and read your interesting posts.
    Here’s hoping you and yours have a Happy New Year and may 2009 bring you the best garden ever!

    Jon at Mississippi Garden


  5. YUMMY! It’s almost time to get my hands dirty, and it is THE time to begin the actual work of getting the Dream transcribed from paper to dirt. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!



  6. I don’t know much about trends, but I did love your seed catalog post. They’re like crack for me and my husband. We find ourselves making spreadsheets to debate and rank our choices. Um, are we the only ones who use AutoCAD to plan our garden?


  7. Seed catalogs are the very oxygen that I breathe on these cold and cloudy days.

    I need to go look to see if my obsessive googling of “shade gardens” and “shade groundcovers” has registered on the meter.


  8. I read your blog with a chuckle. I’ve got 4 catalogues in already, devoured every page, and spent every nickle of our budget and then some (on paper, not for real). It’s the annual dream session for me. I make long lists – and as Spring nears I have to face reality and make the cuts necessary to fit the budget…but it’s fun dreaming!!

    Thanks for sharing.



  9. alan/ on

    Wow! So much Google info, it’s mind-boggling. It just makes me want to escape even more into my garden.


  10. Hi Hanna– This is my first visit. I like your prose, witty and entertaining. I took your flower test a few days ago. (Snapdragon–not surprising.) I’m not really a trend follower but I am always on the lookout for the newest plant introductions–Terra Nova’s heurcheras for example. I guess I’m illegal too because I’m definitely obsessed.
    I’ll be back.


  11. Great post. I am so new to garden blogging myself, although a web addict since years back. When it comes to growing Basil, I claim I thought about it first 😉 – not surprisingly, since it’s the only plant I really succeed with, bringing up from seed. And the smell, the smell…


  12. Kimberly on

    Hi! I just found your blog and I’m already hooked. We’re buying our first house this spring and I want to be ready to jump into gardening this summer.

    My guess for the late-in-the-year spike for “herb garden” is that people are searching for those AeroGardens as Christmas gifts.


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