My Favorite Gardening Songs

I have often told people that I live my life to a soundtrack. There are just songs that speak to me about every part of my life. And gardening is among that. There are gardening songs that I love to listen to because they speak to me about the world I love, except in words and melodies that are much better than I could ever express. So, for your listening pleasure, here is my gardening “iPod” list*:

  1. Lullaby for a Stormy Night
  2. Night Swimming
  3. Octopus’s Garden
  4. Where the Green Grass Grows
  5. Cowboy, Take Me Away
  6. Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion Patch
  7. Strawberry Wine

So these songs mean something to me in terms of gardening. What songs bring gardening to life to you?

* I don’t actually own an iPod. I spent that money on more plants. But you get my meaning.

12 thoughts on “My Favorite Gardening Songs
  1. I am sorry to bother you over here but the flower pictures on the what kind of flower are you is not showing the flowers. Can this be fixed. People would like to see the flowers.

    Thank you and God bless.


  2. Brian on

    A couple of good garden songs (a little cheezy, but it will stay in your head for days.)

    and (Homegrown! by Neil Young. When I saw him live, he said the song was originally about weed, but now he says it’s about organic gardening and farming.)

    Love your blog. I found it when I decided to string up my my viny vegetables and tomatoes. Your video provided excellent research material and I shared it with many friends.


  3. I love the last four songs! Imogen Heap did a cover of the lonely petunia song. I don’t know the first three, but here’s my addition to the list:

    This Is The World We Live In, by Alcazar, I was listening to it today and although it isn’t even remotely about gardening, I realized that the chorus can be interpreted that way very easily:

    “This is the world we live in
    and these are the hands we’re given
    use them and let’s start tryin’
    to make it a place worth livin’ in”

    I was listening to this song as I was hoeing a concrete garden box outside of my favourite frozen yogurt place (I planted some strawberries, mint, a few border plants, and sunflowers). I thought about this post and started laughing that it’s now one of my “Gardening Songs.”


  4. greg webber on

    Best back breaking labor song of all time:
    Trucker’s Atlas by Modest Mouse

    has nothing to do with actually gardening, but with a lengthy ten minutes of repetitious lyrics and fluid ambling guitar notes backed up with drums and bass like a heart beat, this song has got me through some horribly tough days.
    Good for digging, hauling or trimming when the jobs seem not to have an end.


  5. I can’t believe no one has mentioned ‘Plant a Radish’ from the 1960 musical ‘The Fantasticks’!

    Plant a radish,
    Get a radish,
    Never any doubt.
    That’s why I love veg’tables;
    You know what you’re about!
    Plant a turnip;
    Get a turnip;
    Maybe you’ll get two.
    That’s why I love veg’tables;
    You know that they’ll come through!

    They’re dependable,
    They’re befriendable,
    They’re the best pal a parent’s ever known!
    While with children,
    It’s bewilderin’
    You don’t know until the seed is nearly grown,
    Just what you’ve sown!
    …… and so on

    Great tune, too


  6. Augustus on

    Night Swimming, but not Gardening At Night? I know, Some one beat me to it, but I had to ask. My songs are more general. I listen to mellow music in the garden and anything fast, that is not rap, dance, or disco, for the “Y”. Luckily I have a job at which I can listen to what I want , as loud as I want!


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