Spring Snuck Back So… So Did I

Spring has snuck back into Cleveland. And I think I know why.   It has to be because my order from Baker’s Creek Seeds came today.   Seeds, glorious seeds — tomatoes, melon and squash! While we’re in the mood — morning glories and quinoa.*  Nearly sixty degrees, seeds in hand… What could be better?

Oh, don’t get me wrong.   I am not thinking I can even consider growing ANYTHING yet.   This is Cleveland, after all.   I mean, you know how the rest of the country pictures Mother Nature as this sweet, beautiful (maybe even matronly) woman covered in flowers and foliage?  Here in Cleveland, we tend to think of her as clad in black leather and stilettos carrying the optional riding crop.   Sure, there’s flowers but they tend to be tattoos and intertwined with Satan and, strangely enough , fluffy kittens.  Â  When it comes to Mother Nature, we Clevelanders have been well trained to say “Yes Mistress, can we have another?”  But man, she makes it hurt so good sometimes.

But She is a good mood for the next few days so I will be thankful and not look too hard for the next round of winter punishment.  

I took a long walk today to take in some vitamin D and fresh air.   The snow has half melted in some places but mostly it has compacted into a crunchy ice.   The warm weather over the next few days should clear that away as well. This leaves behind a gruesome mess of salty mud and crushed lawns filled with the debris of passing dogs and children (and it is really hard to tell the difference between a sodden mitten and a turd, let me tell you).

Regardless of the fact that this thaw is short lived, it is a signal to the gardener inside me.   Spring is coming. Spring is sending her forces to save me from the tyranny of winter.   This is her advanced scout sent ahead to suss the situation and bring us POWs (prisoners of winter) some hope and sustenance.   Never fear, Cleveland!  Spring is coming, and she will fight with all her might to free us all (in the next 3-4 months)!

*Yes, I said quinoa.   Apparently it might grow here.   I am a sucker for odd things.

14 thoughts on “Spring Snuck Back So… So Did I
  1. I can’t wait for spring to come and with it of course, more of your posts. Here in the Pacific Northwest they are whispering the S word.



  2. Melanie on

    I just ordered from Baker Creek this week. I’ve also ordered from Bountiful Garden, Richter and Select Seed.
    Every few years I go crazy on the seed ordering.
    strawberry spinach
    lambs quarter
    Can’t wait to start growing.


  3. I’m down in Canton and I just couldn’t wait anymore. I put a few broccoli seeds in soil blocks to germinate. This weather is fantastic, though sort lived.


  4. While my husband has been chomping at the bit to ride his bike, I’ve been seed-crazy for the past month or so. I’ve already been informed that I’m not allowed to buy any more seeds. Now I just have to get them all started with a new grow-lamp. Yay spring!

    Sarah in Cleveland


  5. jeannette StG on

    spring will come eventually! But your quiz about what flower are you, really needs some work (maybe from a psychologist, like I – I took it and the flower I hate comes up as a result!) Ok for my comment to be deleted after you read it:):)


  6. Funny… My Baker seeds came Wednesday too. My husband handed me the package (we all happened to be outside.) I started jumping up and down yelling my seeds are here my seeds are here! Both of my children were NOT impressed! Oh Ohio you sure do seem to know when I’m on the edge and need a break from the snow! Thanks!!


  7. Katherine on

    I’m giving quinoa a go to this year, too. Just to see what happens. 🙂


  8. I am in Columbus I know this weather well….I was over anxious and started my seeds indoors. Hopefully I can keep them alive until Spring is here for real.
    If your quinoa works out I might look into that next year, but I already have my garden full for the year and I am not willing to give up anything I have planned.
    I am trying Green Zebras this year which I am excited for


  9. I am so happy you’re back! I discovered your website this winter and was so anxious to see you get back to posting. I am in love with your gardening tribulations even though the only plant I own and manage to take care of is a cactus 🙂


  10. I’ve also just discovered you this winter! Your posts kept me alive through all the cold and snow. 🙂 And my seeds came today!


  11. From Nigeria, I think I miss suya the most. Suya is salimir to Sates/Satays – slowroasted meat on sticks with a special marinade. Served simply with chopped fresh onions and tomatoes and chilies for the brave!


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