Rain, rain go away

Ok, so for gardeners, rain might be a good thing, but there is such thing as too much too often (except for pizza and sex, if you ask my husband). Really, the rain can stop now. I get the picture. I downloaded the plans for an ark and I am gathering up the local animals in 2×2 fashion (except for the rat dog up the street.   I think they can go the way of the unicorns.).

I have not been able to plant anything yet this year, oh yeah, except for my wedding band. Managed to “plant” that somewhere in the front flower bed while weeding.   The hubby is excited though. This means he gets a new toy tool, a metal detector.

*Sigh* *Grrr*  I am in a foul mood.   Which is what happens when gardeners can’t garden.   Those who know call it going “gardener”. You start getting violent in the garden centers of local big box stores and wave hastily improvised weaponry (like sharpened  rakes and shovels) in the air and threaten to liberate the abused vegetative masses to be found there.   Really, look it up on Twitter.   That’s where all the cool liberators hang out these days.

And, if the lawn gets any higher, I am told that a rainforest conservation group will start petitioning the local government to declare my yard and the wildlife therein a sanctuary. That would not be so bad, but the children have decided that where there is a jungle, there must be heathen natives and they have happily volunteered for the job.

It can stop raining now. Really, really. When I said I wanted it to stop snowing, I did not mean I wanted it replaced by other forms of precipitation. 40 days and 40 nights of rain has been done before, so can we move onto the good part of spring already?

18 thoughts on “Rain, rain go away
  1. Steph on

    I feel your pain. It snowed on me this morning. Tolerance for people low. Must escape to garden.


  2. Denise on

    I lost my wedding ring also and all our friend’s metal detector turned up was nails and pennies. My hubby didn’t get a new tool that time. I hope you have better luck finding yours. I enjoy your blog and am glad your back. What is there for gardeners to do in the winter except read blogs and seed catalouges?


    islandgal246 Reply:

    You can always come visit and help me 🙂


  3. Stephanie on

    Well, send it to me!!! Down here in Southern Louisiana,we usually get those everyday afternoon spring and summer heavy storms. So, since February 17th I’ve planted and planted and planted…no rain.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know it could be worse. My prayers are with those families dealing with flood and those terrible tornados that managed to stay just North of us. I just wish we could get a nice soaking from time to time.

    My poor family looks at me for dinner and I’m running around moving the hoses from place to place since I can only get half the watering done before I go to work….

    My husband calls to see if I’m performing the “water ballet” in the evening or if he should pick up something on the way for everyone….

    You want it to stop….
    We are praying for some…

    Good luck!


  4. Mary on

    The Pacific Northwest is getting more rain than is usual also. We just broke the record for the coldest April on record. How can I ever plant my garden? I am going to go “gardener” on somebody’s a@#.


  5. Agreed. Although I can’t plant anything that’s not in a pot right now since we’re possibly moving in the next month or two. With all this weather hovering in the low 50s I wouldn’t be surprised if Cleveland gave us a little snow again some morning.


  6. I was so excited about market gardening but the rain is driving me a little crazy. My soil is soaking wet and it’s clay so not much I can do with it at the moment.


  7. peggy on

    I’ve hit the point in “going gardener” that I’ve stopped buying produce at the grocery store; I can’t justify spending money on Brussels sprouts and celery because I know I can grow them in my yard and garden space. Unfortunately, a koi pond spontaneously appeared in my backyard about 10 days ago. The rain will stop eventually, but it’s been a long long wait.


  8. I am a couple hours south of you and we have the outside of a rectangle tilled. That was all we could get done before the tiller bogged down and threatened to blow up. That was 2 weeks ago. I have bean plants trying to pole up the side of my sofa. I can’t even step off the deck without sinking, so I don’t know if planting will ever happen. I just look lovingly at my seed catalog and wonder if I will ever get dirt under my fingernails.


  9. Emmy on

    I am in Columbus and feel your pain! Yesterday it wasn’t raining so I ventured out to pull some of the weeds that were mocking me, only to find out the back yard had ankle deep water. Why do I have a feeling we are in store for an extremely dry summer?


  10. I have heard of post nasal drip, however this post winter drizzle, downpour, etcetera, etcetera, and drip is getting to be a bit much. I will be digging in the mud this weekend. I have plants waiting to be traded. The trades have arrived and are in pots. Going into the garden to dig out the trade plants with not be fun. I might as well make adobe bricks out of the garden. ….it will get better. We will have sun again…. some at least. On the other hand – the plants are growing really good. An I think the ducks are teaching them to quack… or is that me ! ? !


  11. Sorry to hear that…

    If you can, you could send some rain to my country( Belgium) because not more raining here sind 2 month now…



  12. Hi, hoping the rain will stop.

    I’m from Belgium and here in my country did not rain since 2 month…


  13. Nancy on

    I’m in Cleveland as well, and also looking at a giant, half-tilled rectangle. Managed to dig up just enough sod last Sunday so I could move the fence out, doubling last year’s plot. Now I can’t do diddly with the grass still growing in there, and need at least 2 dry days to tackle the clay. Looking at the national weather map makes planting anytime before mid-June seem so unlikely.

    But, I guess a gardener is by nature an optimist eh? So I’m ordering seeds tonight. Perhaps, though, I should only choose 60day and shorter maturity dates…


  14. Understand the pain. I’m in Melbourne Australia and we are in the last month of Winter. Nothing to do but get some seed trays ready, compost ready, stocking up on used coffee grounds and seeds for Spring – nearly here!!


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