Cleveland Botanical Garden’s RIPE! Festival

If you find yourself wondering what to do this coming weekend, then I encourage you to stop on by the RIPE! Festval being held at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. Lots of fresh and local food plus talks on how you can tap into the local fresh foods here in Cleveland.

Oh, yeah, and I will be there too! Stop by my talk on Sunday the 25th at 12:00pm. I will be talking about Heirloom Tomatoes (what else!) and will be passing out samples for all to try.

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Cleveland Botanical Garden’s RIPE! Festival
  1. Oh when do we get to see this event again? I didn’t manage to get to this event. I hope it will be held again soon because I’m really looking forward to it! Maybe I could get to ask you some tips about growing fruit-bearing plants.
    By the way, I found this great site,, and i have found some great gardening tips from it. The folks there really helped me get around my garden.


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