Dutch Iris: My Harbinger of Spring

I never rely on snowdrops to tell me when spring has arrived. Now, it is not to say that I am knocking the more commonly used snowdrop, it is just that I have, for my garden, an earlier indicator that Read more ›

How the Poinsettia Stole Christmas

If there was ever a plant/holiday combination that screamed “How the heck did that happen?”, the Poinsettia as a Christmas plant is it. This ridiculously tropical, though admittedly lovely plant has now become a staple in the American Christmas landscape. Read more ›

Better Toad Lily Than Never

This image is a wallpaper. If you would like to set it as your computer wallpaper, click on the image above. Then right click on the wallpaper image and click on “Set as background” For some reason, society tends to Read more ›

Job’s Tears: Gardening for Crafters

We will need to take another small break from the tomatoes. Mother Nature has conspired against my Tomato Tastings and had left me with no ripe tomatoes that I have not yet reviewed. I think we should be back in Read more ›

Datura: Angel Trumpet of Death

The Angel of Death is a character that exists, in concept, in almost all religions. I tend to consider my garden my religion, with a first hand relationship with god and nature. So then it is no wonder that in Read more ›

Cleome: Your Worst Best Friend

They say that once you plant cleome, it is a friend for life. Like the kind of friend who comes over to your house, plops down on the couch, eats all your food, takes over the TV and never leaves. Read more ›

Is Your Sunflower Inhibiting You?

If there is one thing that a gardener hates, it is inhibitions. How dare anybody or thing keep us from growing our gardens. And yet, this time of year, I see literally hundreds of gardens where the gardener has actively Read more ›

Rosemary is For… Um… What Was It…

Oh, yeah… Rosemary is for remembrance. Rosemary has been used through the ages to remember quite a few things. The dead, those in love, answers to tests, domineering women, Mother of Christ, satan’s offspring… Just a wide variety things. I Read more ›